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Marijuana Medical Clinics Beware

Marijuana Medical Clinics Beware

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/14/2011 in Medical Marijuana News

On the journey to getting the medicine, they need marijuana patients must first see a doctor for their recommendation.  There are many marijuana medical clinics to choose from but how can you be sure you are choosing a reputable clinic from one of the thousands of illegal or unsavory marijuana medical clinics out there?

The first thing to do is to educate you and really understand the process.  Arming yourself with the right information will really help you navigate the process.  There are plenty of marijuana medical clinic operators in business out of greed.  They have no problem taking advantage of the confusion that has arisen out of the dust storm that is the movement to legalize marijuana.  There is a lot of misinformation out there and many marijuana clinics have become adept at using the confusion to their benefit.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for marijuana medical clinics is the teaser rate.  Some clinics will offer a low rate on a recommendation that only lasts six months just to force you to come back and pay them again when the recommendation runs out.  These marijuana medical clinics will only tell you the low price just to lure you in.  It is only later that you find out that the lower priced recommendation does not last an entire year like the higher prices that other marijuana medical clinics offer.  Coming back over and over for six month recommendations is not only more expensive in the long run but it is an unnecessary waste of time.  When making an appointment be sure to find out how long the recommendations last before committing to the clinic you are considering.

Some marijuana medical clinics offer a very low rate even on one year recommendations.  If you are getting an unusually low rate be extra careful when considering them.  Many of these marijuana medical clinics are not run by actual doctors.  Many times it is run by a nurse or physician’s assistants.  These individuals are not allowed to offer recommendations and often use the signatures of legitimate doctors at other marijuana medical clinics without the doctor’s knowledge.  This is usually done by faxing your paperwork somewhere for the signature so you do not see who is signing it.  Be sure that you choose one of the marijuana medical clinics that has a certified doctor on hand and is willing to sign the paper work with you present.

Many marijuana medical clinics offer to assist you in the event that you have to go to court to defend your marijuana recommendation.  This might cost a bit extra but at least you know that the marijuana clinic you are considering will most likely be around long term.  When shopping for marijuana medical clinics, do not hesitate to ask for referrals.  This is especially important when it comes to those clinics offering legal services.  The fact that both legal issues and medical issues are sensitive topics can make referrals difficult but many patients who have fought the law and won will be eager to discuss it.  A reputable marijuana medical clinic offering legal backing will be able to connect you with one of these individuals.

Be wary of any marijuana medical clinic that does not ask you for the proper paperwork.  All reputable clinics and doctors will need to see medical documentation of your illness or condition.  There is no way for them to make a correct assessment of your situation otherwise.  You must have a diagnosis and marijuana medical clinics that offer marijuana recommendations without one are doing so illegally.  Some marijuana medical clinics will allow for a temporary recommendation in the event that you do not have all of your documents but this is a special circumstance.  They must believe that medical marijuana would be right for you and then they ask you to come back several more times for further follow up evaluations.

Be sure to avoid choosing a marijuana medical clinic that is operating in a store front or in the same location as a dispensary.  These marijuana medical clinics are illegal in most cases.  These clinics are set up offering low cost recommendations in an effort to make more money selling actual medicine.  No one wants to pay hard earned money to an illegal clinic just to find out the hard way that their recommendation is not valid.  The potential legal repercussions should be of utmost concern.  Doctors and marijuana medical clinics are not allowed to refer you to a dispensary or caregiver.

Marijuana medical clinics are not allowed to assist patients in getting marijuana in any way.  If the medical marijuana clinic you have chosen offers you medical marijuana after your recommendation you should seriously consider getting a recommendation elsewhere.  It is quite possible that you are not the first to be propositioned and in the event this marijuana medical clinic gets busted your recommendation for medical marijuana would come under scrutiny.

Most doctors when asked where to get medical marijuana will just tell you to check out the internet.  You should be skeptical of any clinic or staff at the clinic who offer up a specific location.  While it would be helpful for you to have the information, it is an indication that the marijuana medical clinic you are working with deals in shady practices.  If they are willing to break the rules when it comes to this fundamental what else are they doing that is not legal?

When you choose a marijuana medical clinic to ask around for one like you would a bank or a lawyer.  Marijuana medical clinics provide a service, not unlike any other.  With the medical marijuana movement evolving so quickly it should be easy to find a good clinic let alone a good marijuana dispensary.  Almost everyone knows someone who has been to a marijuana medical clinic especially in the states where medical marijuana has been available for several years.  Ask individuals who have judgment you can trust.  When you do decide on a marijuana medical clinic be sure to ask the right questions.  No reputable clinic will have a problem answering your questions and if they take issue with your inquiries keep moving.

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