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Marijuana Mascot and the PC Police

Marijuana Mascot and the PC Police

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/14/2015 in Marijuana Politics

Earlier this week we reported on “Buddie”, the marijuana mascot used in Ohio to gain votes from millennials and how some people reacted to the existence of this mascot claiming that it targets children.  However, as one of our Facebook members so eloquently put it…didn’t D.A.R.E do the same thing by creating caricatures to spread their message to children?

So before the P.C Police throws a fit, let’s address the issue at hand.

Is “Buddie” marketing to children?

As Responsible Ohio Director, Ian James explained, “Buddie is targeted to Millennials and College students” and can be found in bars and so forth. Obviously a college campus nor a bar is a place for a child and thus the idea behind the campaign is to attract the votes of younger people who are typically less inclined to vote.

“Buddie” also isn’t seen on billboards, television and doesn’t stroll into grade school to teach kids about pot. Why would Responsible Ohio market to children anyway, a demographic that holds absolutely no power within the context of legalizing cannabis.

Thus it is quite ludicrous to think that Buddie is a marketing ploy targeting children as Nick Lashutka, President of Ohio’s Children’s Hospital Association claimed.

What about D.A.R.E?

D.A.R.E also used mascots to spread their messages against marijuana, most of the information that was scientifically unsound and in many cases flat out wrong. Is it okay to indoctrinate impressionable minds on drug use when it is not based in science but rather superstition?

While we don’t believe it is wise to encourage kids to take drugs, we do believe that if you are going to talk about drugs in general, we need to hold a responsible and accurate discussion and not bring in prohibitionist rhetoric into the mix. In the end, it is highly counter-productive, since when the kids learn that they have been lied to, they are more inclined to experiment with other drugs as well.

The P.C Police

Finally, the P.C police has been making a lot of noise in America of late. These days you can’t mispronounce a word, otherwise you’d be crucified as being a bigot or some other demon from the netherworld.

Some people believe that Buddie is counterproductive to the legalization movement, however, I am here to remind them that the “cannabis culture” has deep roots in satire, comedy and pushing the edge in terms of “P.C.” Thus while the cannabis movement is important, we should also not lose our soul in the process of legalization.

That’s just my view however, what do you guys think about the existence of “buddie”?

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