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Why is Marijuana Legalization Unstoppable!

Why is Marijuana Legalization Unstoppable!

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/27/2014 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

Proponents of prohibition holds onto the faint hope that cannabis legality can be stopped. I’m here to inform them that the wave of cannabis legalization will only grow over time. The proverbial cat is out of the bag and the future of the world definitely includes a flourishing cannabis industry, whether for medical, recreational or industrial applications.

One cannot ‘unlearn’ the truth

We have all seen that scene in the Matrix where Cypher wants to go back into the system. While this is an interesting position, it cannot occur in the “real world”. One cannot unlearn truth once it has been unleashed into your brain.

The truth about cannabis is out of the bag as well. With access to information, people have the ability to research, dissect, listen to opposing views and make a more informed decision over whether they want legality or not.

Luckily, for cannabis enthusiasts, we have been doing the groundwork to debunk every prohibitionist argument that isn’t based in science or reason, which essentially means most of them. The early claims of the government were entirely motivated by greed and racism, using the ignorance of the American people to push their legislation.

Throughout this time, they have changed their arguments consistently catering to the political environment in the US. For instance, prior to the “communist threat” cannabis was said to make you violent, deranged and insane. Yet the official position changed to “marijuana makes you too passive to fight communism”.

The consistency in prohibitionist rhetoric comes to the medical application of cannabis. According to the Federal government, cannabis holds no medical value, and here they have remained consistent with this view point.

The Truth shall set you free

However, while a majority of America consumed these lies without question, there have been organizations advocating legality using sound reason and facts. Slowly but steadily more Americans started hearing the “other side” of the debate and with the birth of the Internet, information spread like wildfire.

The debate went from “behind closed doors” to the public eye and since then the cannabis movement gained momentum like a freight train. Every year public support for cannabis increases due to the staggering evidence against the effectiveness of the Drug War and the medical wonders discovered through cannabis.

People have learned that the origins of prohibition is based on racism and greed, and in 2014, there is no place for that kind of thinking. Since Medical Cannabis was legalized in California, patients have supplied documented cases of the medical benefits of cannabis and now with more than 20 states implementing some form of medical programs, and with four states adopting recreational applications, the odds of regressing back to the prohibitionist rhetoric becomes smaller ever passing day.

This doesn’t mean that prohibitionists aren’t trying to re-sway the public perception of pot with their “anti-cannabis” studies frequently flaunted in the Media. Nonetheless, most of these studies are met with acute skepticism and counter studies that disprove the results of these “prohibitionist studies”.

The fact of the matter is that cannabis is now a mainstream topic, people are advocating on every level whether it’s due to the injustice caused by the Drug War, medical benefits on cannabis and the ideals of freedom of consumption.

The legalization movement have too many arguments in their favor to turn this ship around. Legal cannabis is coming…and it’s coming fast!

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