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Marijuana Dispensaries to be Banned in Vail

Marijuana Dispensaries to be Banned in Vail

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/31/2010 in Medical Marijuana Laws

While it’s legal for qualified patients to use medical marijuana in Colorado, the town of Vail doesn’t want to allow medical marijuana dispensaries within its town limits. On Tuesday, the town council voted against allowing dispensaries within Vail.

Colorado medical cannabis laws allow patients to purchase their medicine from dispensaries, but back in January Vail approved a 180-day moratorium on dispensaries, awaiting the results of a bill recently passed by the Colorado General that would create a state medical marijuana licensing authority. Once signed by Gov. Bill Ritter, the bill would allow local jurisdictions such as Vail to regulate and/or prohibit dispensaries as they see fit.

The Vail Town Council voted 6-1 to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries once Ritter signs the state bill into law. While this limits safe access to medical marijuana for residents of Vail, it does not change the Colorado medical marijuana laws. Patients will still be able to see Colorado marijuana doctors in Vail and across the state.

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