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Marijuana and the Brain – New studies that debunk Cannabis brain myths

Marijuana and the Brain – New studies that debunk Cannabis brain myths

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/19/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

How many times have you heard by the mainstream media that marijuana kills brain cells? While there are plenty of studies that suggest that cannabis has neuro protective capabilities and actually stimulates neuro genesis, whenever a ‘study’ that finds the opposite is published, you’ll see it on every major publication in the world.

In 2014, a study was plastered on all media outlets that claimed that cannabis caused significant abnormalities in two key brain regions. This study was hailed as proof that cannabis was dangerous and is still being used by politicians to make sure that marijuana isn’t legalized.

The problem is that a new study has completely disproven the validity of that study and have found that cannabis doesn’t have any long-term effects on the brain at all. Other researchers failed to reproduce the same results of the previously mentioned study within controlled conditions.

Another Myth Debunked

The study was published in The Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society and uses a much larger sample group to come to their conclusions. Now you have another study in your ‘cannabis defense arsenal’ and in the future will definitely help the legalization movement.

It is quite absurd that we are still trying to defend the safety of cannabis to the masses when we have a plethora of studies that back up our claim. The problem however resides in the fact that these studies don’t receive the same attention as anti-cannabis studies.

Why anti cannabis studies get more attention

There is a reason why you are likelier to hear about anti cannabis studies as opposed to studies that prove the benefits of marijuana. The drug war relies on mainstream media to promote their agenda, to keep public opinion ‘aligned’ with their draconian tactics. It has been a very effective instrument in the service of the drug war.

Fortunately, the internet has helped chipped away at the efficacy of mainstream propaganda by creating alternative sources of information. Thus, when important studies as the one published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society are published, the information still manages to reach the masses.

Of course, only through the power of social sharing can this information reach everyone and thus every person who shares this type of content within their social circles are helping us win the War on Drugs…or rather, the War on Us!

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