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Marijuana and Sexual Enhancement

Marijuana and Sexual Enhancement

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/14/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

What’s the relation between cannabis and sex? In the late 1930’s the word on the street was that cannabis would make you horny. It will turn you into a sex-crazed beast that will hump anything with the slightest heartbeat.

Thankfully, the Anslinger days of marijuana is far behind us, but even to this day the concept of Sex and Marijuana is still very obscure in nature. Some people claim it enhances their sexual experience while others claim it doesn’t. For the longest time nobody really knew what was going on, but through several studies we have seen a clearer picture in regards to cannabis and sex develop.

The Majority says it enhances

While I’m not going to specifically cite the studies in this article, I will leave you guys with the links below so you can research for yourself. From the three studies I have reviewed it seems that roughly 2/3 of the test groups found that cannabis enhanced their sexual pleasure.

People have noted that not only do they feel pleasure at a greater level, but also can focus in on their partner, establishing a deeper connection and thus enhancing the overall experience for the better.

Some say it doesn’t

On the other hand, we have about 1/3 of test subjects who reported that cannabis had the opposite effect. The people in this group claimed that cannabis made them become too introverted and thus could not connect to the idea of sex at all.

The emotional state prior to engaging in sex had strong correlation to the reduced desire to have sex. In other words, if you were sad or depressed prior to smoking, cannabis would intensify the thoughts and thus derail the notion to have sex.

Strains have something to do with it

The type of strain you smoke have different effects on the body. Indica strains are preferred for sexual enhancement since it tends to enhance corporal sensation and allows the user to connect in a more profound way with their partner.

Sativa strains tend to be more distracting and lets your mind wander, not allowing the user to connect in a deeper fashion with their partner. You could overanalyze what you are doing, become too self-aware which could ultimately derail your sexual intensions.

NOTE: The effects are all over the board meaning that it isn’t true for everyone. You could have a completely different experience with Sativa strains, however most people noted that Indica strains are better for sexual enhancement.

Bottom Line

What we know is that the majority of cannabis users do experience a greater enjoyment of sexual experiences. We also know that some people find the opposite to be true.

Cannabis can greatly increase your pleasure within sexual encounters however to call it an “aphrodisiac” would be reaching.

Do you have any particular points on sexual enhancement and cannabis? We’d love to know your thoughts. Leave your comments below!

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