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Marijuana: Alcohol is arguably the most dangerous drug…why not prohibit it?

Marijuana: Alcohol is arguably the most dangerous drug…why not prohibit it?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/24/2015 in Medical Marijuana

A recent study by “Monitoring the Future” who received grant money from NIDA focused on drug use between the ages of 19-55 over the past four decades. One of the biggest findings the 416 page report notes is that college students are more likely to smoke marijuana in university than cigarettes. According to their study, roughly 1 in 17 college students admit to smoking marijuana on a daily basis.

It’s also not shocking to find out that college students do not perceive marijuana as harmful or any more harmful than beer. The legalization of cannabis in a number of states have relaxed the perception of cannabis in terms of danger and threat

Where the study went too far

However since this study took a look at all the drugs, they also found that cocaine and MDMA were also being consumed at a higher rate over the past few years. Cocaine usage increased with 1.7% from 2014 – 2014 and MDMA 2.3% during the same period.

While the study merely showed these trends as “statistics”, some people are already jumping on the “gate way” bandwagon. In other words, they are passively suggesting that because society softened their stance in relation to marijuana, that these young adults are softening their views for these “other” drugs.

However, I personally don’t believe it has anything to do with “softening” our views on drugs at all. On the contrary, people are beginning to realize that the government has been systematically lying to them about cannabis and a whole range of other substances including psilocybin, MDMA, DMT and LSD. These substances are currently being investigated by organizations such as MAPS and are finding amazing results when used in a psychiatric context.

It’s not because people are legalizing marijuana, it’s because the brainwashing of the government is not as effective as it has been in the past. People have access to information and a quick search can reveal  a world of information on literally any subject.

These young adults are not idiots…for the most part.

What about alcohol

Throughout the entire study there was one thing that stood out for me. The report spoke about how college students are binge drinking less. That during the same time of increase of cocaine and MDMA, binge drinking declined by 9%. Now it rests at 35% down from 44% in 2013.

However is it just me, or shouldn’t 35% of people admitting taking a drug that is 114 times more lethal than cannabis raise some concerns on the “future” of our people?

Many social problems are associated with alcohol, yet these studies never indicate nor suggest that we should make this drug illegal. However cannabis has to jump through fiery hoops just to get accepted.

Oh that’s right…alcohol was prohibited and it didn’t work out too well…now if we can only make the same conclusion about cannabis…we’d be taking a step in the right direction.

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