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Marc Emery Prosecutor Says Pass the Dutchie To The Left

Marc Emery Prosecutor Says Pass the Dutchie To The Left

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/15/2012 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

The man responsible for putting the proclaimed “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery behind bars, is now advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

Prosecuting The Prince of Pot

Who is the man responsible? His name is John McKay, and he is a former United States attorney for the Western District of Washington. During his career as a United States attorney, McKay was the prosecutor in the trial of Marc Emery for marijuana distribution. He put Emery in prison in 2010 for selling marijuana seeds to United States customers from his Vancouver headquarters. Since that time, McKay has called for reform of marijuana laws such that its sale be legally regulated and taxed. 

Almost a month ago at a pro-legalization event held in Vancouver, there was a very bizarre pairing at the head of the table in Marc Emery’s life. Jodie Emery, Marc Emery’s wife, and the prosecutor of his trial, John McKay sat side by side at the table. McKay said, “Nearly one million people every year are imprisoned for simple marijuana possession.” He believes that none of these criminals should be serving the amount of time that they are.

John McKay is eligible to lobby for any legal changes he desires since leaving his job in 2007. He said the push for marijuana changes in America reminds him of the extensive campaign that led to the eventual legalization of alcohol during the Prohibition era. “The Prohibition era provided huge illegal profits for the Mafia and terrible violence,” says McKay, who acknowledged today’s ultraviolent Mexican organized drug cartels. John McKay had noted that both Colorado and Washington would vote soon to legalize small quantities of marijuana for adults, as another fourteen states are in various stages in making moves to decriminalize cannabis. Simple possession of marijuana would be the equivalent of issuing a traffic ticket.

As for Marc Emery’s imprisonment, McKay has no regrets or apologies to be made any time soon. He believes that Emery should have lobbied to change the laws, not broken the law to get it changed. McKay said, “If that was his purpose, to change policy, I think he took the wrong route. He made a decision that would have given every juvenile in the United States access to marijuana, which I think is wrong.”

Jodie Emery and John McKay sat right by each other’s sides that night, and beckoned the virtues of marijuana legalization, together. Jodie was delighted and grateful to have someone of McKay’s stature on board for her fight to legalize. “To have someone who’s on the front lines, who’s seen what’s happening, say he thinks marijuana should be legalized, that gives us credibility,” said Emery.

John McKay has been quoted on the record saying that he does not have any animosity towards Jodie’s husband, Marc. McKay believes that Marc just made a mistake in how he went about his actions.

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