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When Mainstream Admits they Were Wrong About Marijuana

When Mainstream Admits they Were Wrong About Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/14/2013 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

Recently CNN’s chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, made a public apology for opposing marijuana legalization and claimed that “science is behind the plant.” He also said that the misleading of America was done in a “systematic fashion” which isn’t really news to anyone who doesn’t take mainstream media at face value.

You can check the video right here:

Mainstream Wake up

Currently all throughout the world people are becoming more relaxed about cannabis legalization. In the case of Dr. Gupta, he is 100% in favor of Medical Marijuana yet remained neutral on the point of recreational marijuana. However, Dr. Gupta is man of science and as noted in the debate, the overall “feeling” suggested a “Pro-Cannabis stance”.

We have to give credit to Dr. Gupta’s courage to come clean and admit that he made a mistake. He brought up some incredibly interesting statements relating Pharma accidental overdose rates which according to his findings claims the life of someone in the US every 19 minutes.

The same old opposition

When Mainstream Admits they Were Wrong About MarijuanaIn the opposing corner of Dr. Gupta was Howard Samuels, CEO of Hills Treatment Center, who kept on spewing out the same old prohibitionist rhetoric as always. Mr. Samuels actually defended Medical marijuana at various occasions but was completely against the total legalization of marijuana (we call it Repeal but whatever) claiming we shouldn’t give society another reason to “get loaded”.


Okay let’s take Mr. Samuels “Loaded argument” and elevate it on a level playing field. Currently alcohol is prevalent in society yet not “all of society is getting loaded”. In fact only about 20% of consumers get physically addicted yet we aren’t throwing the remaining 80% in jail or arresting them for possession. Secondly, the population of potential cannabis addicts is on par with the population of potential coffee addicts yet we’re not having the DEA raid Starbucks now are we?


As you can see that mainstream America is ready to talk about marijuana. The cannabis culture did their homework, they have the science and their arguments are becoming infallible. The more public figures like Dr. Sanjay Gupta stands up for the truth about marijuana, the sooner we’ll obtain that sweet Repeal we have been waiting for over 75 years now. The Era of Cannabis is truly upon us!

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