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MagicalButter Appliance: At-Home Herbal Oils, Butter & Tinctures

MagicalButter Appliance: At-Home Herbal Oils, Butter & Tinctures

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/22/2013 in Medical Marijuana

When asked to review such a product, I’ll admit there was a little bit of skepticism on my part. Not because the functionality of the product was doubtful, but strictly because products among the industry are never valued or stated to be 100% efficiently operational until used. Usually, there is also the skepticism of how well a product will be able to live up to its advertised standards. However, I stand corrected because right from the preliminary viewing of the package, there it is – efficiently labeled and organized are all the specifications and features of this product. Automatically, that is a plus side for a tech-savvy person such as me who wants to know exactly what they are dealing with.


Right from the get-go of opening the package, you must take into consideration the exceptional packaging and marketing that took place on the box alone. Full-color graphics, efficiently labeled specifications, all features listed and a happy stick of butter logo to greet the beginning of my experience. Immediately you recognize that this is not some cheaply made product somewhere overseas, and it is certainly not close to being considered a piece of junk. The parts are made of quality materials, all of which are produced in the states and fit nice and snug together to ensure maximum functionality. Just by holding the machine, examining it and reading all of the specifications of the product, I could tell that I was dealing with a quality product. Being impressed does not even begin to explain the true feelings I had over a product that could automatically make my butter.


When it comes to instructions and properly listing directions, this product did not hesitate to amaze me in the slightest. The directions were extremely easy to read and you don’t have to be a scientist to figure out the products operational features. TheĀ MagicalButterĀ maker is all microprocessor controlled, which was automatically a turn-on to me because that leaves very little margin for operator error, ensuring the user of this product that you have to really mess this machine up to ruin it’s functionality.

After reading the instructions and taking into consideration all of the different operations of this product, I decided that butter was the best option. Now for this machine, the user can use whatever herb they truly prefer. In terms of butter, the instructions say to place 2-5 cups of butter and 3-5 grams of your favorite herb into the machine to turn it into your desired MagicalButter. Two hours after prepping the machine and hitting the “butter button, you should have the butter of your dreams right in the palm of your own hand. After your butter is done, simply press the “clean” button and your MagicalButter machine should clean up itself. Simple directions and straight to the point, so by reading the instructions and recognizing proper buttons to push for appropriate functions, this machine’s ease level receives a ten out of ten.


Once you get your herb and your butter together, just put the top of the machine on, plug it into the nearest outlet and press the “butter” functionality button. Usually the prep work involved with this machine should only take somewhere between three to five minutes so you shouldn’t spend too much time on prepping. After everything has been placed into the MagicalButter product, you’re basically done handling all raw products at this point so now you just have to sit back and relax.

During the actual butter cycle, the machine has the tendency to be a little bit loud, similar to that of a muted blender or a blender that is an octave lower. Some cycles are spaced further apart so don’t be alarmed if your MagicalButter machine starts to make louder noises at different time variations. However, the machine or appliance, whatever you prefer to call it, is silent for the most part. Perhaps to some who are irritated by loud noises, would consider the sound of the appliance as the only downside. Although for me, it was not a big deal whatsoever and I know that the end product is hopefully worth a little noise.

However, two hours later, there you have – gorgeous butter with your favorite herb. My home did not smell, there was no smoke involved no dirty extraction process and absolutely no mess. Importantly enough, I note that there was not a single smell to be detected since the beginning of the raw material prep work. The cleanup of the appliance was not a hassle at all and required a little bit of elbow grease and some soap and water. It honestly does not get simpler than this, and reasons like this are why this product is worth the investment. Clearly, this product has more pros than cons of any method to make herbal butter, oils or tinctures.

Overall Product:

Think about the positives that come with making your very own herbal butter! Not only is herbal butter healthy, it is also absolutely delicious. Using various methods and different machines have proved to make this process difficult and creates a mess that no one wants to clean up and usually conventionally making old fashion butter requires a crock pot. However, with the convenience of one single machine, you now have the ability to create your own herbal butter with no obstacles in a timely and cleanly fashion. The MagicalButter machine enables you to not have to worry about a single thing. You don’t have to do any work – just sit back, relax and let the butter brew.

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