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MA Medical Society Posts Ballot Questions Against Question 2 and 3

MA Medical Society Posts Ballot Questions Against Question 2 and 3

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/19/2012 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

One of the oldest continuously-operating state medical societies in the United States, the Massachusetts Medical Society, posted statements online Monday affirming it’s oppositional stance towards ballot questions on whether the state of Massachusetts should legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes by those who obtain a recommendation and certification through a doctor and whether physicians should be allowed to prescribe life-ending drugs to a patient with a diagnosed terminal illness. These questions are entitled “Question 3” (medical marijuana) and “Question 2” (life-ending drug prescription). Both have created havoc amongst the most prestigious medical society in the country, and MMS has yet to slow down it’s efforts of showing it’s oppositional stance. 

As Question 3 remains the most talked about topic in recent memory in the state of Massachusetts, it is Question 2 that poses a bit more difficulty at times. The society said that predicting the end of a life is extremely difficult, and if Question 2 is favored and passed, it may lead to individuals taking life-ending drugs in a premature manner. It also states that doctors should not participate in a person’s suicide, and they should not have the option to assist in ending one’s life. Think if you will in terms of medically-assisted suicide, Dr. Jack Kevorkian. His assistance with patients who were terminally ill and wanted to end their life prematurely due to constant struggle and pain, was considered widespread outrage and had some believe that he should’ve spent a longer time in jail. All of this raises the question on whether or not doctors should have the option to play God.

The Massachusetts Medical Society was quoted as saying on it’s website, “The Massachusetts Medical Society has reaffirmed its commitment to provide physicians treating terminally ill patients with the ethical, medical, social, and legal education, training, and resources to enable them to contribute to the comfort and dignity of the patient and the patient’s family.” The society also posted a document that was outlining all of the points for and against the proposal. 

As for medical marijuana, the Massachusetts Medical Society considers the drug not adequately studied enough according to federal standards. The society therefore presents claims about marijuana’s effectiveness as a treatment and “would not be accepted as proof of effectiveness for any other medicine under development.” It has been known for quite some time now that the MMS great oppose Question 3 and are not fans of medical marijuana, but they did say on their website that they are in favor of the federal reclassification of marijuana in order for it to be studied more and achieve the type of development of other marijuana-derived medications.

With that being said, in November all of these issues will finally have a formidable stance and a decision that the public must come to terms with. Whether or not you are voting “yes” or “no” on Question 2 and 3 is your decision, but I ask that before you make your decision, at least know the facts and know what you are making a decision on. When voting, you must take into effect all of the repercussions of the public’s decision, and you must look into all of the fine print as if it was a contract.

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