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Los Angeles Key Committee Approves “Gentle” Dispensary Ban

Los Angeles Key Committee Approves “Gentle” Dispensary Ban

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/06/2012 in Medical Marijuana News

Two proposals earlier this month were raised in question within the Los Angeles City Council to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. A key committee approved councilman Jose Huziar’s proposed “gentle ban” on Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management committee voted in unanimous fashion all in favor of Jose Huziar’s plan that would ban all dispensaries within the city’s limits until the California Supreme Court irons out the blueprint on how cities are allowed to implement medical marijuana dispensaries. However, what Huziar’s proposal does not allow is for small groups of three patients and or caregivers to cultivate their own marijuana in one location and then transport it back to their home.

Since 2007, Los Angeles city officials have been making attempts towards the regulation of the medical marijuana industry and trying to limit the total number of dispensaries, but all of their attempts have been met with a great booming increase in the number of dispensaries trying to open their doors before a cap could be imposed. Regulation attempts have also been met with defiance, mainly lawsuits against the city of Los Angeles.

It seems as if the shaky relationships between dispensary owners and city officials are a result of the constant tug-of-war that exists due to the federal government regarding marijuana as a schedule 1 narcotic. As states can legalize marijuana, the implementation within the state almost always challenges that of federal classification.

The Highland Park-Mount Washington Patch reported that medical marijuana supporters told the Los Angeles City Council that Jose Huziar’s proposal’s major downfall lies in that of the fact that growing medical-grade marijuana takes years of practice and expertise that average patients do not possess or will potentially be able to possess.

According to Huziar, he claims that the issue has to do with establishing dispensaries as operating businesses, and not ending them. Huziar told the Los Angeles Daily News, “Until we have a dispensary model, we are going to be in conflict with state laws. The best thing we can do is repeal our existing ordinance until the courts decide this issue.”

Addressing all of this dispensary confusion by the California Supreme Court will not be examined until at least another year. As for Jose Huziar’s proposal, it could be very well approved by the Public Safety Committee, the full Los Angeles City Council, and then go into effect within the next couple of weeks. 

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