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Looking for a marijuana related Job in 2015?

Looking for a marijuana related Job in 2015?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/12/2015 in Medical Marijuana Trends

For some, times are tough and life can become quite challenging for a large demographic of job seekers. Many of us thought that with the coming of technology and globalization life would get cheaper and jobs would abound, but the sad fact is that unemployment is still very real for millions of people, and with job automation, the trend will only increase.

One solution that must be given serious consideration is the jobs that might be created by the legalization of cannabis and cannabis related industrial and commercial activities.

Let’s Dream a Little…

Imagine for a moment, the entire process of getting a legally regulated cannabis oil, extracted by an expert under strict federal law, arriving at the house of your beloved aunt who is deadly ill. If we may be so bold as to take that thought to a next level, imagine the cannabis oil arriving along with a dime bag of premium marijuana, for you to enjoy while you’re visiting her during her time of trouble.

What this means for jobs…

How many jobs do just those two final products provide to finally allow them to arrive at your front door, farmers and their farmhands, processing plants and procedures, quality inspectors at all levels, sales and marketing teams to name a few possible new jobs that could be created by legalizing recreational use of cannabis across the US.

The current scenario…

As of yet 23 states across America have legalized the medical use of cannabis and 4 states have legalized it for recreational use. What would happen if marijuana were legalized at a federal level? Each year over a million people get arrested for marijuana related crimes, so logic tells me that at least half of those people are part of the “commercial” side, providing to the consumers.

In a day and age where there’s a drought on the job market, could cannabis come to the rescue? Some estimates say that due to the 27 states that currently allow the consumption of cannabis on some level up to 200000 new jobs could be created in 2015. That does seem a bit overoptimistic but the fact that jobs will be created due to the legalization of cannabis must not be ignored in times where jobs are a scarce and war talk is the nightly news line.

One of these days you´re going to bump into a college graduate that is quality control inspector at some cannabis storage facility, or you may even bump into an old friend, surprised to find out that she is currently a budtender at a cannabis dispensary near you.

Wouldn’t that just be amazing? What type of Cannabis related Job would you like to have? Leave your comments below!

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