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Would you like some Reefer Madness with that Bud?

Would you like some Reefer Madness with that Bud?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/02/2015 in Medical Marijuana Laws

As cannabis legalization moves forward, there are many opponents that are throwing hissy fits and seemingly inventing statistics to promote their fearmongering concerning marijuana legalization. One recent article that implements this tactic was posted on the website Dispatch.comand spoke about a “new Report” that allegedly outlines the ills of legalization.

Citing that cannabis is related to a 32% increase in traffic fatalities based on drivers who tested positive for cannabis. This despite the fact that traffic fatalities are actually in its lowest margins in Colorado history. Even the Federal government released a study that showed that marijuana has no correlation with increased traffic fatalities.

Yet this doesn’t stop these anti-marijuana groups from inventing their own statistics to keep their draconian policies alive.

If it was the flip side

Currently, cannabis is under such scrutiny that if a pro-marijuana group would invent statistics like the above mentioned article, mainstream media would crucify the movement claiming that they are “spreading misinformation” and “cheating the public”. Yet when anti-marijuana groups implement this tactic it is typically ignored.

This should not be permitted in a free thinking society. As a pro cannabis business, we at Marijuana Doctors question everything…whether it’s a pro marijuana study or not. We know that there is a lot of information out there and believe that by scrutinizing the information, purging it from bias opinion, we can establish a greater framework for cannabis care to the patients that use our services.

Yet, we also believe that it is important to call out the liars within the context of cannabis. Anti-Marijuana groups that spew out misinformation should be brought to the public attention, we must point out the fallacies and show the world the very tactics that has been used for nearly eight decades to keep prohibition in place.

Be Informed

Personally, I hate reading through prohibitionist articles…my blood rages every single time. However, I still take some time to read through their drivel because it is important to understand the mind of the prohibitionist. It is important to identify their fears and their fallacies and expose them to the truth of cannabis. This doesn’t mean that you should troll the comment section of the article, but simply to become aware of their frequency in thought. And of course, it’s very much okay to re-educate the author on his or her position on cannabis with sound reasoning and facts.

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