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How legalizing marijuana is “Safer for the children”

How legalizing marijuana is “Safer for the children”

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/29/2013 in Medical Marijuana Research

How many times have you heard that marijuana legalization is bad because it isn’t “safe” for the kids? How many times have politicians played that soggy old Hearst like lie to evade the facts and head for “fantasy hill”? The answer is way too many times, but there is an even more important question still unanswered; Why has no one disputed the validity of this claim?

“Safe for the Children”

This is claim generally hits us because the term “kids” invokes a responsibility of your “future” and thus something not being “safe for the kids” means it’s not safe for the future. But is marijuana really a “danger” for our children? Will legalizing pot truly endanger our future?

  • Mason Tvert wrote a book entitled “Marijuana is Safer: so why are we driving people to drink?” This also applies to our children. Remember, if legal marijuana applies to our children then so does legal alcohol. Under our current drug policies we are suggesting in a very subtle way that alcohol and tobacco is much safer than the “evil marijuana” and that it is “okay” to drink and smoke. While science proved that marijuana is less toxic, less addictive and even healthier for you than both alcohol and tobacco the message we are sending to our kids are; Smoke tobacco, drink alcohol but watch out for marijuana…it will kill you!”
  • Children are currently smoking cannabis from roughly middle school and up. So we should definitely stop being naïve about “what our kids do” and look at the big picture. The internet is accelerating intelligence and kids are exposed to more “taboo” subjects than ever before. Kids know about sex, drugs and rock and roll…or at least they think they do. Apart from “rebelling” with drug consumption they don’t know “how” to handle the substances due to lack of guidance. Since society is shunning cannabis education kids are literally taking pointers from drug dealers. Under a legalized system we would be able to lift the “taboo” from the subject and truly educate kids with science as opposed to ancient scare tactics.
  • Portugal and several other countries decriminalized drugs and found that roughly a decade later less children were consuming drugs. Strangely it seemed that even though drugs were more available there was less desire from the youth to consume it. With an open approach to drug use the health care system adapted and less people overdosed and the addiction rates declined. When marijuana becomes “normal” kids will not covet it as much as they currently do.

The bottom line is that the current approach to drugs is not “safer for the kids” and in fact creates a harsher environment where the child is introduced into the world of narcotics without any adult supervision. I’m not saying go buy a gram of smack and show your kid how to use it, rather similar to subjects such as sex, war and religion you can be a part of his or her process of learning. Thus far neither the schools nor the government has done a bang up job on educating our kids on drugs…maybe the parents should give it a try with a less “fanatic” approach such as drug prohibition and rather a rational and educated approach.

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