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What would legal cannabis mean for the world?

What would legal cannabis mean for the world?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/02/2014 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

We are seeing cannabis being legalized right before our very eyes. We are truly living in exciting times. A hundred years ago, WWI was in the making, Alcohol prohibition was in full swing and it is quite interesting to see that once again we are on the verge of repealing prohibition, except for a different substance.

With the world going “green”, what are potential implications of this action? The truth of the matter is that once the US legalizes cannabis on a national level, the world will follow suit. After all, it is the US who outsourced this war on pot to the rest of the world. Once the top dogs decide to give up their draconian policies, the world will have no option but to get in the pot game as well.

What Legal Cannabis could mean for the world!

Cannabis is a very profitable industry and with a legal global market, the opportunities are endless. Cannabis can be divided into three main categories; Recreational, Medical and Industrial.


When we talk about recreational cannabis, it refers to the ability for adults to smoke cannabis without the fear of being persecuted for their choice. When this is no longer criminal, a number of side effects emerge:

  • Cannabis Tourism – Some locations will benefit greatly from legal cannabis. Your favorite resorts, tourist locations might now have cannabis on the menu. Certain places such as Colorado has already seen a spike in tourism due to legal cannabis. Obviously, forty years from now cannabis will be an everyday topic however; certain spots will pride themselves on their unique geographical locations and specialty pot strains, which will motivate more tourism.
  • Cannabis Products – The variety of cannabis infused products will only continue to grow. Mix in different ethnicities, recipes and so on and you have a wide range of cannabis/hemp products that will generate billions on its own.
  • Cannabis culture – The cannabis culture remained pretty much an underground phenomenon for many decades however with legal cannabis; they will come out of the darkness and into the light. This means that music; fashion and so on will be influenced at a higher level than before. We could even begin to hear “good” pop music hit the charts, but we’ll probably have to give it some time.


In terms of medical cannabis, we’ll see new treatment options, new medicines, condition specific strains and much more!


This is probably the one that has me most excited. From being able to replace plastics, substitute trees in terms of harvesting for pulps to even supplementing our energy needs. Industrial cannabis will provide jobs and create an international trade like nothing before.

The world is ready for cannabis, the world needs cannabis and the future looks very green from where we are standing right now! Welcome to the Era of Cannabis! 

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