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At Last, NY Releases First Rules For Medical Marijuana

At Last, NY Releases First Rules For Medical Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/24/2014 in Medical Marijuana Laws

The State of New York recently released its first proposed regulations for a medical marijuana program that is on track to start treating patients in 1 year’s time. According to the rules, licenses to grow and distribute will cost approximately $200K. While bud, leaf, and edible products are not likely to be permitted, the state is also still tight-lipped on locations and pricing of the product.

Any organizations with the hopes of growing medical marijuana will be required to pay $10K simply to apply. If they are selected for the 2-year license, the fee is $200K.

According to the rules, only indoor growing will be permitted. While any business hoping to dispense the marijuana, will be required to provide a detailed operating plan, as well as prove that they follow good agricultural practices, and that are capable of tracking their product.

As per state law, both patients and physicians will be required to register with the state.

Courtney Burke, the state’s deputy secretary for health and mental hygiene, believes that, “Based on our stakeholder engagement process, we don’t expect there to be any lack of interest.”

Still to be determined by the commissioner of health, are the specific strains of marijuana and forms of medication permitted – such as pills or oils. Whole leaf or flower marijuana, however, will not be allowed says Terence O’Leary, deputy secretary for public safety. It is also unlikely that edibles will be permitted, although that has not been definitively decided upon yet. “There are real concerns about the dosing consistency of edibles,” says O’Leary.

Also on hold, is the states decision on the price of the drug, and the geographic locations of the dispensary distribution centers, all of which must be at least 1,000 feet from any schools and houses of worship.

The regulations will be open to public comment until mid-February, and once the rules are formally adopted, the licensing process will finally begin. Officials do not expect there to be any significant changes made.

Although the federal Department of Justice denied New York’s request to import marijuana from other states for emergency purposes, state officials say they are currently working on pilot programs with independent hospitals to provide patients  with access before January 2016.

The proposed regulations for New York’s medical marijuana program will be published in New York State Register, December 31. At which point the public has 45 days to comment on the proposed regulations

CEO and founder of New York based company,, Jason Draizin commented that, “As the world’s leading city, it is about time that New York begins to define the rules that will govern its medical marijuana program. already has a long waiting list of patients ready to join the program. By following regular guidelines and protocols when recommending medical marijuana, and treating a recommendation no differently than a normal prescription, NY will ensure that the program remains legitimate as it enforces the Bonafide patient physician relationship.”

[ Proposed Medical Marijuana Program Regulations :

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