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L.A. Pot Shop Ban To Be Effective as of September 6th

L.A. Pot Shop Ban To Be Effective as of September 6th

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/07/2012 in Medical Marijuana Laws

To the medical marijuana patients in the city of Los Angeles, my word of advice to you is this: stock up on all the medicine you can. The dreadful day that Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries are supposed to close by the city decree has been set in place for September 6th.

Last Thursday, the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, signed the Los Angeles City Council’s dispensary ban, and an ordinance was officially published on Monday, giving it thirty-one days to take effect. For those who expected the normal back and forth pushing of conflicting beliefs inside the city Hall, you’re sadly mistaken. The vote did not even need a confirmatory vote, as it was deemed unanimous by a 14-0 vote.

However, in light of the situation, there is in fact a competing proposal that has been submitted by Councilman Paul Koretz as well as his associates, which would give any medical marijuana dispensaries that were established before 2007, a reprieve. The only downside is that this proposal is still up in the air and it appears that it is not going to be approved in time to fend off the ordinated dispensary ban.

Councilman Koretz and his associates are not the only ones that are attempting to fight the ban placed on the businesses that provide meaningful medicine to patients across California, as the pro-marijuana advocacy group Americans For Safe Access is as well trying to gather it’s own city referendum of signatures to place a measure on the city’s ballot that would overturn the ban. In order for the measure to be considered valid and able to be approved, the advocacy group must collect 27,425 valid signatures of registered Los Angeles city voters. It remains in doubt whether or not the city has the will power to enforce the measure.

If it’s any result of history, when cities in the past have made moves to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, it has resulted in more dispensaries appearing, not less. History is bound to repeat itself again in that respect, but we will see what winds up unfolding.

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