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Jury Let’s Florida Man Go for Growing Marijuana as a Medical Necessity

Jury Let’s Florida Man Go for Growing Marijuana as a Medical Necessity

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/23/2015 in Medical Marijuana News

You’ve heard of Jury Nullification before but now you have a real example of a jury, despite Florida’s laws against any form of cannabis, exercise their right. Jesse Teplicki was facing up to five years in jail for manufacturing cannabis for his medical condition.

Teplicki, who has suffered from a severe case of anorexia since he was nine years old, consumed marijuana to help stimulate his appetite and essentially keep him alive.

Medical Necessity defense not something new

If you didn’t know that the Federal Government has their own Medical marijuana program, you are about to learn about it.

In the mid 1970’s a man by the name of Robert Randall argued that smoking marijuana was a medical necessity to preserve his sight, since he suffered from Glaucoma. In 1976, D.C. Superior Court Judge James A. Washington ruled that Mr. Randall “has established a defense of necessity. . . . The evil he sought to avert, blindness, is greater than that he performed.”

After that, the Federal program known as Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program was formed and some 30 patients started receiving medical marijuana from the government. Thus any claims that cannabis has no medical value is a direct contradiction to this ruling.

Sadly, the program wasn’t available for everyone and only this troop managed to receive medical cannabis from the Federal government for the past 39 years.

Back to Current Day Florida

In the case of Anorexia, there aren’t approved medications however in many cases doctors prescribe antidepressants or other psychiatric medications according to the Mayo Clinic since Anorexia is a mental disorder.

Yet as mentioned, they don’t really work and some of the medication such as Sarafem actually has the side effect of “appetite loss”. Other medication like Prozac can upset your stomach, cause constipation and more.

On the other hand, marijuana is a proven stimulant of appetite. None of the side effects are even in the ballpark of these antidepressants meaning that the efficacy of cannabis for anorexia is superior to pharmaceuticals.

Based on this, the Jury in the case of Jesse Teplicki found compassion to his cause and only took 30 minutes to give the ruling of “not guilty”

Teplicki’s final comments before going home was, “I go home this evening, I have a meal with my wife and smoke a fat one before it and that’s it.”

A message to us all

This jury exercised their right to overturn unjust laws. They made sure that a man who was doing nothing wrong other than manufacture and consume marijuana for a medical necessity went free. Let this be an example to us all. The next time you hear of another medical marijuana patient under fire for growing and consuming marijuana, find out how you can get in on the Jury and help overturn these convictions. It is our duty to fight the system of prohibition on every front.

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