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Judge Still calls Marijuana a “Gateway Drug”

Judge Still calls Marijuana a “Gateway Drug”

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/18/2014 in Medical Marijuana News

The gateway theory has been used since the dawn of cannabis prohibition.  Since then you were a scientific studies have debunked this myth repeatedly.  However, this didn’t stop Judge Kimberly McFadden to revert to old drug war rhetoric.

She recently sentenced John Horn between 7 and 23 months in jail for a pot bust of 25 pounds founded in the trunk of his car.  Given the amount of cannabis found, this sentence is not as hefty as one would expect.  Nonetheless, her claim that cannabis is a gateway drug is very troubling.

Education please

Judges sit in a position of power. They have the authority to ruin your life and with Judges like McFadden, still clinging onto this old rhetoric is quite disturbing to say the least. Ignorance has sentenced a lot of good people to jail for a long time. In some cases, medical marijuana growers have been given life sentences.

The problem lies with education. To think that cannabis is a gateway drug but alcohol isn’t is a fallacy. In fact, recent studies suggest that the real gateway drugs (if that concept even exists) would more likely be alcohol and tobacco. Most kids don’t start off with cannabis; they usually tend to try things like alcohol first and then through experimentation might move onto other substances.

The point here is “experimentation” which is very different than “gateway-ing” to harder drugs.

The Gateway Theory explained

According to this theory, people first try cannabis, then when the “high isn’t enough” they move onto other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This suggests that people have no free will and are completely a slave to their cravings. It means that if you were to drink a beer, you’d move onto harder liquor and eventually would start using crystal meth because your puny little brain needs more euphoria.

It’s absurd to think that only cannabis is a gateway drug and ignore all other mind-altering substances. Most cannabis users might have experimented with other drugs, but once the experimentation phase ends…they revert back to good old cannabis smoking.

The sad thing is that people are being sentenced to jail over a plant that is infinitely better for you than alcohol due to the ignorance of those sitting in seats of power. Maybe it’s time we start an education campaign called “Educating Judges” with the hopes of reducing sentences in places that are still exercising prohibition and hopefully we can erase the ignorance within our justice system.

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