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Introducing the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Introducing the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/23/2014 in Medical Marijuana Products

Upon opening my Arizer Extreme Q, I was anxious to see for myself if it truly measured up to it’s highly popularized counterpart, the Volcano. The dual purpose Extreme Q came with both balloon and whip attachments, whereas the Volcano only boasted the balloon bags – a bargain already. This vaporizer came with a remote control , complete with different fan speeds to power the balloons, two collection bags, a blown glass stirrer, glass cyclone bowls, plenty of screens, a glass potpourri dish, large and mini whip attachments, glass connectors and a handy dandy owners manual. Though the accessories seemed a bit overwhelming at first glance, they became pretty self-explanatory as I went along. The Extreme Q came with a power chord attachment for optimal placement. Though portable, I’d suggest picking up an inexpensive carrying case for all the extra pieces.

The design of the Extreme Q is sleek, a tapered stainless steel cylinder situated on a glowing blue plate. With a plastic-free vapor path and a ceramic heating element, the Extreme Q guarantees a smooth, quality vapor each time. The front of the vaporizer, where the cylinder meets the plate features a small LCD screen that displays the current fan power, temperature and sleep timer – all of which can be manipulated with a simple push of the remote control at a distance. With a temperature range between 122 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit and a heat up time of less than five minutes, the packed unit takes just under three minutes to fully fill a balloon bag attachment. It is important to note that there is no valve on the bag attachment, so simply placing a finger over the tube in between pulls will easily suffice for keeping vapor in place.

Despite all of its attachments, the Extreme Q is hands down one of the easiest vaporizers I’ve yet to encounter. After setting the temperature at around 370 degrees, you can finely ground and pack your herbs into the cyclone bowl piece and place it atop the ceramic element. Regardless of if you choose the the balloon or whip attachment, make sure to secure the glass elbow end of the whip on the top of the bowl. Ideally, the shorter whip is more efficient for the balloon bag while the longer works better solely for the whip. Adjusting the temperature via remote control is easy to do once you’ve begun inhaling through the whip. It’s best to start lower and work your way up, slowly increasing the temperature in small increments. To get the most out of each round, make sure to utilize the glass stirrer provided in between sessions. One glass bowl full of herbs should ensure a solid three to four balloon-fulls.


As a reminder, make sure not to throw out your herbs once you’re done. The best part about vaporized herb is that it’s reusable! Once you’ve collected enough, turn your herb into cannabutter using the magicalbutter kitchen appliance.

Here’s why the Extreme Q is so great: for this all-in-one vaporizer with dual attachments, you’re paying a third of the price you’d pay for the Volcano vaporizer. The Extreme Q is lightweight and durable, with an incredibly quiet fan function at all speeds– a rarity for fan-powered vaporizers. The Extreme Q is safe, as its outer shell always remains cool to the touch, regardless of the temperature. The ‘midnight chrome’ finish vaporizer even comes with a three-year warranty. That’s right, three years.

For a high quality, multi-functional unit at a completely affordable price, look no further than the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.

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