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How ineffective is Drug Prohibition really

How ineffective is Drug Prohibition really

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/10/2013 in Medical Marijuana

In essence the drug war has the following objectives in mind; To eradicate illegal drug manufacturing, to reduce consumption and to have a “drug free” society.

While this “sounds” to be a noble cause we have to consider the legitimacy of such a policy in terms of execution and more importantly, whether a “drug free” society is how we are supposed to live.

Reduce Drug Consumption

This statement isn’t accurate, it’s not to reduce “drug consumption” but rather “the drugs they don’t like”. IF you notice we’re not trying to make the world eat better to be off of pharmaceuticals, neither are we encouraging people to live healthier. All advertisement is about “enhancing yourself” with cars, pills, clothes and so forth.

But to think that someone might use LSD to enhance their perception of reality is considered “wrong” while feeding your child Ritalin is a-okay!

It’s these double standards that outline the sheer hypocrisy under drug prohibition and we can clearly see that the real aim is not to reduce consumption but rather shift consumption habits to “something else” or their drugs.

Reduce manufacturing

To think that you can be vigilant of every corner of the planet is just a claim of pure idiocy. In order to achieve thus said goal you would need to first track the source of production which means you’d need to spy on the consumers to trace it back to the source. In turn the consumer becomes the main focus allowing production to occur pretty much unhindered.

Also as long as there is a demand the supply will continue to flow which becomes another problem for prohibition. You’d never be able to stop the consumption of drugs which means in turn you’d never cut off supply either.

The only way to actually participate with this model from a prohibitionist standpoint is to arrest users. Punish the user so much that hopefully they will stop doing drugs.

Jail is terrible rehab

In jail you don’t experiment with drugs, you use it to get away from it all. The type of drugs also isn’t cannabis, mushrooms or acid, it’s crack or heroin.

Essentially sending a cannabis smoker to jail you’ll introduce him to a plethora of new drug opportunities not to mention ruining their lives at getting good jobs and not having to fight the rest of their lives trying to get out from under a drug conviction.


As we look I retrospect to this issue we can see that drug prohibition is actually a war on behavior. It’s a war on humans, users and since prohibition is ineffective in even enforcing its own mission, we can see that the policy is nothing more than a 76 year old scam.

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