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Indiana Takes Baby Steps Towards Medical Marijuana

Indiana Takes Baby Steps Towards Medical Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/21/2011 in Medical Marijuana

Indiana isn’t exactly what you would call a liberal state. But they certainly are smart, seeing as Senate Bill 192 successfully passed through the Senate Committee on Corrections, Criminal and Civil Matters with a vote of 5-3.

Senate Bill 192 is a step towards the legalizing of medical marijuana in Indiana. The bill requires Criminal Law and Sentencing Policy Study Committee to research the effects of marijuana’s current illegal status. Because this committee is already established, it would not require the assembling of a new committee and it would not have any fiscal impact on the state.

The bill must now also be passed by the House and get a signature from Gov. Mitch Daniels.  But the passing of SB 192 by the Senate Committee is a baby step towards a hugely important measure that would positively impact many Indiana residents.

There are currently 16 medical marijuana states (including Washington DC) in the nation, and the passing of Indiana medical marijuana laws would surely strengthen the medical marijuana movement in the United States. The more states that pass medical marijuana laws, the more other states will question why they haven’t passed their own.

We call the passing of SB 192 baby steps, because once it becomes approved by the House and the Governor, it will not establish medical marijuana laws in Indiana. It will only launch an investigation into the medical use of marijuana and how it affects Indiana’s laws and residents. The Criminal Law and Sentencing Policy Study Committee would study marijuana’s possible medicinal usage, its effect on the Indiana justice system and whether or not it should be controlled and regulated like alcohol.

However, it is certainly stirring up the debate about medical marijuana, which will certainly help open up the eyes of those who are against it to see the extremely valuable qualities of the medicine. Let’s keep an eye on Indiana and celebrate the day they stop persecuting their patients and allow Indiana residents to have safe and legal access to medical marijuana.

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