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Medical Marijuana Blog - Page 3

Over 1,000 Hopefuls Attend First Ever Cannabis Industry Job Fair


Just this past Thursday, the first ever job fair was held in Denver for a plethora of opportunities in the burgeoning marijuana industry. Due to the recent green rush with recreational marijuana being legalized in Colorado, this industry CannaSearch job fair sponsored by the O.penVAPE proudly featured 15 businesses in recreational marijuana sales and by the end of the day – job-seeking... Read more

New Poll Portrays Clear Image of Americans Believing Sugar Is More Harmful Than Marijuana


The world is full of guilty pleasures. Some are worse than others, but at the end of the day the main idea remains the same: which personal indulgence is worse for your health? Well, according to a recent survey that was conducted via NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, Americans believe that marijuana is the last thing that people should worry about. However, what remains most astonishing is... Read more

Revolutionary Portable Swiss-made Vaporizer Packs a Gigantic Punch


At first glance, the Vapman Vaporizer mimics a kitchen accessory, an egg shaped kitchen timer. Right off the bat, the vaporizer’s unique shape and casing had me intrigued. Swiss-based company Vapman prototyped this vaporizer with the smoker’s best interest in mind. Unlike most methods of smoking, phyto, or plant-inhalation via the Vapman vaporizer contains zero contaminants,... Read more

The Reality Behind Medical Marijuana, Drug Testing and Legalities in the Workplace


Residents of Illinois are facing the potential risk of jeopardizing their jobs for legally obtaining their medicinal marijuana. Unfortunately, although the law enacted on the first of the ear protects patients from being subject to arrest or immediate prosecution for using their medicine, employers with previously implemented anti-drug policies may lawfully prosecute or even fire employees for... Read more

Smokin Js: The Pacific Northwest's Finest Smoke Shop Provides Patients & Consumers With Exceptional Glassware, Smoking Accessories


Smokin Js is recognized as one of the nation's oldest alternative pipe and tobacco stores, featuring four physical locations throughout Washington and a completely-online smoke shop that is available to the entire Internet. If there is one thing that this smoke shop is known for, it is that Smokin Js always provides patients and consumers alike with an unrivaled shopping experience that cannot be... Read more

State Legislation and Medical Marijuana: Are The Doctors Really to Blame?


During the New York Compassionate Care Act hearing that took place on Long island in December, one woman, Paula Joana told a heart wrenching story about her beloved daughter, Sabina Rose. Young Sabina Rose passed on tragically at just 18-months after she lost her battle with Dravet syndrome. The doctors, Paula made sure to note, were not to blame. In fact, she said, along the way, all doctors... Read more

Sanjay Gupta is not Backing Down, But Doubling Down on Medical Marijuana


This past August, a documentary aired on CNN that would change the course of medical marijuana as our nation knew it. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a previously self-admitted skeptic regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana, did a complete 180 when he publically apologized for his uninformed beliefs. Today, Sanjay Gupta announces his is not backing down on medical marijuana, but rather, doubling down.... Read more

It's Official: The Deep South Has Gained Irreversible Momentum on the Medical Marijuana Front


The Deep South: known for its abundance of red states, traditionally draconian ideals and predominantly conservative values. When taking into consideration notions of historically recognized southern tradition - words like change, alternative and marijuana are not often, in any context, called upon. In fact, the Governor’s mansion, constructed in 1971 represents just about all the marijuana... Read more

The iBHOMB Vaporizer Provides Medical Marijuana Patients With Another Innovative Method of Medicating


Once receiving my iBHOMB Wax Vaporizer, I was instinctually drawn to the brightly colored design and matte black packaging. Before using the vaporizer, I set aside the well-compartmentalized pieces the iBHOMB came with. This Dab Shack exclusive vaporizer promised a powerful yet discreet vaping experience, and I was determined to put it to the test.  The iBHOMB comes in an assortment of... Read more

Experiencing Colorado's Recreational Shift First-Hand: Inside Dispensaries


When I was fifteen, I visited Boulder, Colorado and fell in love with the land. There was something about the palpable graciousness, the abundant hospitality and the overall peaceful spirit that seemed to absolutely consume the magnificent mountain town. Embracing the mellow Boulder lifestyle was not so much an option as an essential. Being a native New Yorker, the willful engagement of complete... Read more