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Surgeon General Confesses, 'Marijuana Can Be Helpful!'


Marijuana Can Be Helpful

President Obama recently instructed the justice department to lay off of marijuana, albeit for medical or recreational purposes, however despite this increased breathing room around legal states, administration officials continue to publicly insist that cannabis should remain illegal and, maintain that they will not consider its rescheduling. At her confirmation hearing, Loretta Lynch, the... Read more

When ‘Drug Warriors’ talk about the ‘Dangers of Marijuana'


Dangers of Marijuana

Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio talk show recently invited Gen. Arthur Dean about the dangers of legalizing marijuana. To be honest, I sat through the entire 11-minute segment gripping my hair due to the absolute ignorance that was vomited on the airwaves. Let’s look at the speakers Both Bennett and Dean are both past drug warriors, Bennett being a Drug Czar... Read more

Want to know what cannabis companies to invest in?


cannabis companies to invest

We recently received a message on our Facebook feed from Mr. Ronald Holland who brought to our attention about what marijuana stocks to invest in and what companies should be doing to benefit from the trends of legalization. While I won’t go into great depth about the report, I will provide a link at the bottom of this article for anyone interested in investing in cannabis businesses,... Read more

Major Physicians' Group Calls For Decriminalization of Marijuana


Decriminalization of Marijuana

For the first time in more than a decade, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its official position on medical marijuana by recommending that the U.S. government reclassify marijuana so that scientists can start to conduct real research into its potential health effects,. The AAP made its recommendation in its new policy statement.Although AAP does not support the full... Read more

The results are in on ‘Impaired driving” in Colorado


‘Impaired driving” in Colorado

Now that one full year of recreational marijuana in Colorado has seen it’s end, the statistics on impaired drivers have finally been compiled. According to the research, 1 in 5 people were stopped for marijuana “impaired” driving. According to state troopers, they are still more concerned about alcohol and prescription drugs when it comes to driving under the influence yet they... Read more

Israel Creates New Strain of Medical Marijuana, For Kids!


marijuana strain for kids

Israel has long been lighting the way on medical marijuana, and now they are proving yet again that they are indeed the worlds leader in medically understanding, researching, discovering, developing, and utilizing, marijuana. Israel has generated a lot of interest from investors world-wide, because of its "botanical high-tech" medical cannabis. And now, an Israeli producer, Tikun Olam, reveals... Read more

Is there a place for ‘Moralist’ ideas in Modern America?


Modern America

I constantly hear about ‘how bad the idea of legalizing is’ because of numerous unfounded reasons. Most of the reasons as to why cannabis should not be legalized is due to a moralistic approach to the problem. For the past 70+ years, we have been told by almost all government agencies that smoking cannabis is a bad idea. Reefer Madness showed images of pure girls turning into... Read more

Nevada's Growing Medical Marijuana Field


Nevada's Growing Medical Marijuana

As medical marijuana dispensaries ready their shelves for their debut opening this year, state lawmakers say that Nevada is anticipating a booming beginning and expect to see their medical marijuana numbers double, in the first year alone. Information and education officer for Nevada's medical marijuana program, Pam Graber, said, "One thing we have been able to do is look at... Read more

Only One Week Left For NH Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applications


NH Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Prospective medical marijuana dispensary owners in New Hampshire, have mere hours left in which to submit their hopeful applications to the state for review.  New Hampshire passed a law in 2013 that would provide the state with up to 4 dispensaries will be licensed to provide marijuana for the medical treatment of serious and debilitating illnesses. It also required that the state be... Read more

Poison Control Reports Spike in Marijuana-Related Cases


Marijuana-Related Cases

Since Colorado and Washington began allowing for the legal sale of marijuana last year, poison control centers have reported receiving an increase in the number of marijuana-related calls - a troubling number of them concerning young children. Although it is still unclear as to how much of the increase is related to an increase in the number of people using marijuana. According to Colorado's... Read more