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And the war rages on!


War on Cannabis

Those on the bandwagon against legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes have found a new way to put a spike in the wheel. They now claim that CBD   rich oil extractions with hardly any THC are not actually marijuana but a good part of the plant that has healing benefits. The clueless lawmakers try to persuade us that because CBD extractions have low THC counts, the leafy part of the... Read more

Pot lodging becoming a “thing”


Cannabis Lodging | Cannabis

The Colorado marijuana system is evolving and soon pot lodging could become commonplace. People see the economic incentive to allow people to toke when at a hotel or resort. Currently it is still illegal to smoke in a hotel in Colorado but this soon might become a thing of the past as many entrepreneurs are eagerly looking to boost their revenue by catering to the will of cannabis... Read more

Nebraska and Oklahoma barking up the wrong tree with their Colorado Lawsuit


Marijuana | Suing the Wrong people | Cannabis

A lawsuit by the AG of Nebraska and Oklahoma is being challenged by the Attorney General of Colorado based on the legitimacy of the claim. Essentially the lawsuit filed against Colorado’s legal marijuana industry states that because of ‘drug overflow’ the accusing states claim that it has placed a strain on their economy and that it is illegal under the CSA (Controlled Substance... Read more

Most Pharma Drugs have fewer supporting studies than Marijuana


Pharma Drugs and Cannabis

It seems that cannabis almost has to resurrect the dead before prohibitionists accept that it has medical benefit. Unlike pharma drugs, cannabis is expected to go through rigorous testing, studying and longevity research before prohibitionists accept it. However, the long-term effects of most pharma drugs are not required to go through the same legal hurdles as cannabis…and it seems that... Read more

If we all followed the Chris Christie mentality


If we all followed the Chris Christie mentality

A recent statement from the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie he said, “Every bit of objective data tells us that it’s a gateway drug to other drugs. And it is not an excuse in our society to say that alcohol is legal so why not make marijuana legal. … Well … why not make heroin legal? Why not make cocaine legal? You know, their argument is a slippery... Read more

Congressional representative Reprimands the DOJ over Marijuana Raids


Congressional representative Reprimands the DOJ over Marijuana Raids

Last year Congress basically restricted the DOJ from using funds to prosecute and ‘go after’ legal medical marijuana facilities. Since then, the DOJ has gone rogue and essentially defied the will of Congress, which led to Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), and Sam Farr (D-Calif.) to school the DOJ on what the amendment actually meant. The Amendment according to the DOJ For some... Read more

The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet


The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet

One of the most outspoken people alive today against the legalization of cannabis has to be Kevin Sabet. His organization “Smart Approach to Marijuana” or SAM has been appearing on major news outlets, public forums and more. In a recent interview with German Lopez from outlined his specific views on cannabis legalization and why he thinks it’s a bad idea. While I... Read more

How to Talk to Kids about Cannabis


How to Talk to Kids about Cannabis

We hear every single day on mainstream media the “What about the kids” argument. Essentially they claim that by legalizing cannabis we will ‘send the wrong signals’ to kids and would encourage them to smoke it themselves. While this argument is absolutely idiotic in nature due to the fact that ‘kids are already smoking pot’ despite it being illegal. The... Read more

How Reefer Madness is still prevalent in today’s society


Modern Day Marijuana Reefer Madness

The dark ages of Reefer Madness leading up to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the original measure for outlawing the plant, only changed faces over the years but have remained a constant factor in the way the mainstream media presents information. The other day I was scouring my Facebook feed and saw a post by Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot, about an article written by Laura Cudworth talking about... Read more

Cannabis – The Civil Rights Movement of our Age


Marijuana Civil Rights

In a recent interview with President Obama and Shane Smith from Vice News many topics were discussed however the topic of cannabis was also talked about. In the interview Shane Smith said that ‘Cannabis is one of the most popular questions among young people’ where Obama responded that “cannabis shouldn’t be a priority to young people but rather jobs, education and so... Read more