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The Benefits of using Marijuana Wax


The Benefits of using Marijuana Wax

Most people are familiar with smoking marijuana through either a pipe or joint. Over the past few years, with innovations in technology, vaporizing has also become quite a popular method of ingesting marijuana. Yet recently there has been a lot of talk about ‘waxing’ which essentially is vaporizing cannabis extracts/oils. This ‘new’ method of consumption, which in reality... Read more

Texas Getting Medical Marijuana for those who need it?


Texas Medical Marijuana

Governor Abbot has said that he will sign Texas’ restrictive medical marijuana bill, which would allow physicians to prescribe marijuana to patients suffering with epilepsy. While this is a huge step forward for conservative Texas, it isn’t all good news either. The Good Firstly, let’s take a look at the good in this step by the Governor. Firstly, it shows us that people are... Read more

How to Kill Skin Cancer with Cannabis


Marijuana and Skin Cancer

Before we get in to how to kill Skin Cancer with Cannabis Oil, we have to address the fact that Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance that once again makes it hard for the average person to get access to it. Only sad thing is that cancer suffering people don’t have that much time to wait on rescheduling marijuana. As our body has its own endocannabinoid system with CB1 and... Read more

Cannabis and the Domino Effect in relation to Drug Policy


Cannabis and the Domino Effect in relation to Drug Policy

Cannabis legalization will spur a domino effect on Drug Policy in general; how long it would take is anyone’s guess. The fact of the matter is that people are realizing that our current approach to drug policy has been far from effective. Rather, there is ample evidence showing that drug prohibition has made society more dangerous and has done absolutely nothing to stop the illicit drug... Read more

Why you should always double check your Stoner Stories


Pot Planet

If by now you haven’t heard about NASA’s latest discovery of a Pot covered planet, allow me to fill you in on the details. Recently, an article appeared online outlining how NASA discovered a planet completely covered with cannabis plants. According to the article, the cannabis found on that planet is said to be 3000% more potent than on earth and scientists are debating on what to... Read more

Why we need more Gardens like WAMM


WAMM Marijuana Garden

Recently WAMM were forced to open up a crowdfunding campaign in order to save their garden. If you don’t know what WAMM is, I’ll explain here briefly. WAMM, the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, is the oldest legal marijuana garden in the country. In fact, one of the cofounders of the collective co-sponsored the bill that legalized medical marijuana in California in... Read more

Why roughly 5.6 billion people would want Marijuana Legalized Today


Marijuana Global Need

Cannabis legalization is well under way and while there is still some opposition, it seems that each year the legalization gains more momentum. There are plenty of reasons why we should legalize cannabis, whether it is for medical reasons, inflated prison populations or diverting funds from the criminal element. The other day however I stumbled upon some old news about top world leaders urging... Read more

Has Prohibition ever really worked?


Have you ever wondered if prohibition ever worked?

The other day I was thinking about whether there have ever been a case where prohibition actually worked. As of now, there is no evidence to suggest that this strategy has ever provided significant benefit to society. Prohibition has so many side effects such as violence, increased crime, criminalization of non-violent people and much more. The benefits of prohibition are scarce and only truly... Read more

Drug Testing and Synthetic Marijuana – What’s the Relation?


Drug Testing and Spice

We’re hearing more and more about emergency room visits due to synthetic marijuana (k2/Spice/Scooby Snacks). While the substance have absolutely nothing in common with marijuana, the purpose of its creation was to mimic the effects of cannabis. Yet unlike cannabis, you could die from it and it suffer horrible side effects like kidney failure and more. While I have previously spoken about... Read more

What happens when you eat too much pot?


Eating too much pot

We’ve heard the story of the kid who ate too much pot and jumped out of a window. It’s the same story they told us about LSD back in the day. Yet as Bill Hicks points out, “if they thought they could fly, why didn’t they take off from the ground?” For most people however, eating a marijuana-laced brownie is a pleasant experience, which induces a deep heavy body... Read more