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Step-By-Step Guide To The Illinois Medical Marijuana Program


Illinois Marijuana Program

On August 1, 2013, Illinois Governor Quinn signed the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, which went into effect January 1, 2014.  Shortly after, the State began accepting applications from potential medical marijuana patients whose last names begins with "A-L". Patients in this grouping had up until October 31, 2014 to submit their applications to the State. As of... Read more

Hawaii Getting Ready To Say Aloha To Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Hawaii Dispensaries

The Hawaii medical marijuana task force is in the process of currently finalizing its report pertaining to medical marijuana dispensaries for the State. But according to recent reports Hawaii could get ready to say 'Aloha' to medical marijuana dispensaries as early as January 2017. On its website, the Hawaii medical marijuana task force says that the the group will make its report... Read more

A Beginners Guide to Cannabis Consumption


Cannabis Consumption

With New States Legalizing cannabis seemingly every year, we know that a bunch of “Pot-Newbies” will want to give consuming cannabis a try. With nearly two decades of cannabis smoking under my belt, I have decided to give our newbies a point of reference when consuming cannabis. While this guide could become quite extensive, I wish to outline the basic rules of pot consumption first.... Read more

Potential Stoner New Year’s Resolutions


Stoner New Year Resolutions

We’ve made it stoners! We’re heading over to 2015 and saying goodbye to 2014. This year in cannabis many amazing things happened like 2 more states legalizing recreational use and even the District of Columbia legalizing. In addition, we have the Uruguayan cannabis system officially in full swing, Virgin Islands decriminalizing and probably the biggest of all, The Feds can’t use... Read more

Mount Sinai Moves In On Medical Marijuana Trial


Medical Marijuana Trial

In a monumental move, Mount Sinai, is proposing to join efforts with Tilray, a British Columbia medical marijuana company founded in 2013, to conduct a clinical trial for cannabis that would test the effectiveness of certain strains on severe forms of epilepsy. Proving that at least one real-deal American health system thinks that cannabis may hold some medical benefit after all, despite... Read more

Chemotherapy versus Cannabis for Treating Cancer


cannabis and cancer

We all know that chemotherapy is a very aggressive treatment against cancer, but perhaps a reminder of all the areas it affects negatively would highlight the benefits of the use of cannabis for the treatment of the plague of our times. So let’s use one of the tools that one of the founding fathers Benjamin Franklin used that raised him to a prominent level of society by separating the... Read more

Marijuana Gives Birth To New Generation Of Lawyers


marijuana lawyers

As a blossoming economy begins to emerge from the new marijuana market, entrepreneurs and activists are diving head first into the unchartered waters. And just like in the ocean, when a group of fish school together, its only a matter of time before the sharks start circling around. Likewise law schools are gearing up to breed a new generation of lawyers that will be trained to tackle this... Read more

Maine Caregivers To Now Issue Patient ID Cards


maine marijuana ccaregivers

State officials recently announced that medical marijuana patients in Maine will no longer be issued their patient ID cards by the state. Instead the state now mandates that all patient ID cards are to be issued by medical marijuana providers. Officials say that the changes to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program are to increase security for patients and deter fraud. Moving forward,... Read more

High Times for Weed on Wall Street


Hightimes Weed Street

According to a recent report in Globes business newspaper, an Israeli-based company called, One World Cannabis (OWC), is set to be traded on Wall Street, just as soon as they merge with Dynamic Applications. OWC joins the ranks of other Israeli companies, Therapix, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals and Breed It, already hedging their bets on weed on Wall Street. Many Wall Street analysts... Read more

Groundbreaking First As Medical Marijuana Research Funded By Colorado


marijuana Research Project

Another groundbreaking first for the state of Colorado as it dedicates $8M to the research of medical marijuana, with the hope of finally beginning to understand the powerful benefits locked within the cannabis plant. A first because up until now, all government funded marijuana research has been to highlight the plant's negative health effects. The Colorado Board of Health awarded the grants to... Read more