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Using Cannabis To Treat ADHD and ADD


cannabis and ADHD

In the United States, it is estimated that roughly 3% to 5% of all children suffer from ADHD/ADD. While these cases increase yearly, most newly diagnosed children are misdiagnosed. To understand why you simply have to follow the money all the way back to drug companies. However, there are still plenty of children who suffer from ADHD/ADD and luckily, recent studies have shown that cannabis may... Read more

Marijuana Breathalyzer on its way?


Marijuana breathalyzer

Washington State University is on its way to develop the first marijuana breathalyzer, which would detect THC in the breath as opposed to testing for blood. This is actually very good news for the cannabis community. Safer Roads Most people can actually handle driving and smoking cannabis at the same time, however this still isn’t recommended since you still are somewhat impaired by... Read more

Major Win, 2 Out of 13 Chicago Dispensary's For Burke's Ward


Illinois chicago medical marijuana dispensary

The city of Chicago will be opening 13 dispensaries, and 2 look likely to open in Burkes's ward, along with his support. Regarded as the City Councils strictest regulator, Ed Burke is the most powerful alderman of the 14th Ward. Burke has been a vocal supporter of strict restrictions on cannabis clinics, however he has nonetheless supported the applications of 2 companies, Maribis of Chicago... Read more

What would legal cannabis mean for the world?


legal cannabis worldwide

We are seeing cannabis being legalized right before our very eyes. We are truly living in exciting times. A hundred years ago, WWI was in the making, Alcohol prohibition was in full swing and it is quite interesting to see that once again we are on the verge of repealing prohibition, except for a different substance. With the world going “green”, what are potential implications of... Read more

Arizona Professor Fired for Researching Cannabis


arizona research on cannabis

An Arizona professor, who was fired from her research position at the University of Arizona in July, was recently recommended for a $2 million grant to study the medical effects of marijuana on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's health board is set to deliver its final decision on the grant's approval on December 17, 2014. Fired from... Read more

Maine Launches Yet Another Cannabis Recreational Legalization Initiative


maine cannabis legalization

Recently a second initiative was launched to put the question of recreational marijuana legalization on the 2016 Maine ballot. However legalization efforts aren’t assured and in the green yet, Maine also has 2 other marijuana policy reform options to consider. While considering the two obvious choices, to legalize or not to legalize, there is also a third choice to be considered... Read more

Marijuana Use for Chronic Pain Problems


marijuana for pain

A vast majority of medical cannabis patients use marijuana for pain management. Today, we take on the challenge on finding out which of the thousands of marijuana strains out there has the best effect on stifling your chronic pain. Understanding Cannabis While there are three types of cannabis plants (Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis), most people tend to lean towards Indica dominant strains for... Read more

Marijuana Use for Collision Sports


marijuana and nfl sports

Some sports, such as Football and other collision sports have a higher degree of danger associated with the practice. Many NFL players were benched or fined due to their use of marijuana to treat their injuries. This has brought a national debate on whether or not the NFL should relax on their anti-marijuana policies mainly because it will make the sport safer for the players involved. How... Read more

South Dakota Advocate Divulges Plans for Medical Marijuana Legalization


south dakota medical cannabis

Prominent medical marijuana activist in South Dakota, Emmet Reistroffer, will be heading off to Denver to find employment in Colorado’s marijuana industry, leaving South Dakota to re-stratergize as it moves forward without one of its most important organizers. At the South Dakota Medical Marijuana Summit in Sioux Falls recently, Reistroffer spoke to roughly 2 dozen medical marijuana... Read more

Why the US should care about what’s happening in Mexico Presently


mexico and marijuana

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, all hell has broken loose in Mexico. After a the local police of Iguala in the State of Guerrero, not only killed a few but handed over 43 students to drug cartels under the order of the Mayor’s wife, protestors have been going rampant all over the country. The protests have gone viral and the entire world is watching the... Read more