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At Last, NY Releases First Rules For Medical Marijuana


new york marijuana program regulations

The State of New York recently released its first proposed regulations for a medical marijuana program that is on track to start treating patients in 1 year's time. According to the rules, licenses to grow and distribute will cost approximately $200K. While bud, leaf, and edible products are not likely to be permitted, the state is also still tight-lipped on locations and pricing of the... Read more

Using Cannabis as a Topical Application for Sport's injuries


cannabis topicals

Using Cannabis as a Topical Application for Sport's injuries The time has come for you to step up to the plate and take the swing that will change it all. The problem is it´s not you standing there alone, that nagging old pain you´ve had ever since you took that terrible fall is also there. But again you focus as hard as you can on your objective and try to eliminate all the... Read more

The Idiocy of Anti-Drug Groups


Drug Groups

A few days ago, I stumbled across an article by a prominent anti drug group in Iowa about the ‘dangers of legalizing marijuana’. It is no surprise that the group pulled out their classic drug war rhetoric to influence gullible citizens into thinking that legalizing marijuana is a bad idea. Peter Komendowski, president of partnership for a drug free Iowa spoke against some of the... Read more

Will Legalizing Marijuana create Legal Chaos?


legal marijuana chaos

Andy Harris, republican congressman is one of the main faces when it comes to stifling the legal cannabis program in Washington, DC.  According to him, there were three main reasons as to why he stepped up to block the initiative. His first reason aligns with the antiquity belief that marijuana is dangerous.  The second reason is because Congress has the constitutional authority to... Read more

Tommy Chong to Release his own Medical Marijuana Brand “Chong Star"


Tommy Chong

With Cannabis coming into the mainstream and becoming more accepted among the general population of the US, Tommy Chong has decided to make the official brand Chong Star medical marijuana. It is no surprise that Tommy Chong has long been in the entertainment business as a Pot Superstar, and for him to step into the legal marijuana industry seems to be a natural evolution of his persona. Chong... Read more

Judge Still calls Marijuana a “Gateway Drug”


gateway drug

The gateway theory has been used since the dawn of cannabis prohibition.  Since then you were a scientific studies have debunked this myth repeatedly.  However, this didn’t stop Judge Kimberly McFadden to revert to old drug war rhetoric. She recently sentenced John Horn between 7 and 23 months in jail for a pot bust of 25 pounds founded in the trunk of his car.  Given the... Read more

Why Society isn’t Tolerating Anti-Pot commentary


anti pot

Recently the Twitter-verse exploded over the suggestive negative cannabis comment by Don Lemon who reported on the Ferguson riots by adding in a comment “Obviously, there’s a smell of marijuana in the air”. Some people fail to see the outrage of those who responded to his inappropriate commentary. There is depth to the backlash and one must understand the media’s... Read more

“What about the children” - Whose responsibility is it anyway?


Children and Cannabis

One of the main reasons that cannabis has not been legalized as of yet is the “what about the children” argument.  This argument suggests that if we were to legalize cannabis for adult use that children would take that as reason to consume the plant.  Prohibitionists claim that this message will increase teen use despite the fact that in places that have either recreational... Read more

Why it’s time to push the Reset button on Congress


Congress Marijuana legalization

The District of Columbia on November 4th voted to legalize marijuana for adult use. Cannabis Enthusiasts cheered this landmark victory only to be reminded that Congress has the power to overturn the policy. As it seems, Congress might do just that. Republican Andy Harris of Maryland is poised to overturn the will of the people and believes he has fairly broad based support for keeping it... Read more

Reason Why More Parents of Children With Epilepsy Are Choosing Marijuana


Children With Epilepsy Are Choosing Marijuana

With the passing of each new medical marijuana state law, more and more parents with children suffering from the devastating effects of epileptic seizures, are turning to cannabis as alternative means to control these unrelenting and insufferable symptoms.  Bonni Goldstein, MD, is the medical director of Canna-Centers, a group of medical practices in the state of California... Read more