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The Fallacy of the Stoned Driver


driving stoned cheech chong

There is a fallacy surrounding “stoned drivers” and an increase in traffic fatalities. Some people believe that by legalizing cannabis, we’ll see a spike in road accidents and though there are “reported instances” where drivers involved in fatal crashes had cannabis in their system, doesn’t mean they were high when driving. What do the stats say? Over the... Read more

Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions! Part 2


Their drug use didnt destroy their careers

We are continuing with our series on “Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions” in the aim of attacking the core premise of the arguments of prohibition. Many times prohibitionists merely vomit the propaganda of the government however do not have substance to back up their claims. In the previous section, we spoke of sending someone to jail for cannabis, fallacy of dangers of... Read more

Cannabis Is One Step Closer To Being Looked At As Real Medicine


marijuana as medicine

Haley Osborne suffers from relentless seizures, and her parents are deciding whether to treat their daughter with cannabis in its natural form, or cannabis that has been used to create consistent, reliable, prescription drugs. Despite currently taking an experimental drug made from an active ingredient in marijuana, Cannabidiol (CBD), the Georgetown 7-year-old is still suffering from seizures... Read more

Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions on Marijuana! Part One


Cannabis Prohibition

Proponents of prohibition often engage in vigorous debates with advocates of legality. Often times you will hear their arguments that are merely a regurgitation of what they’ve been told by the Federal government.  In most cases, prohibitionists do not have substance to their arguments.  Thus, we have devised a series of questions that you can ask any prohibitionist that will put... Read more

The Women of Cannabis Get National Recognition


women for cannabis

Mainstream publications including Vogue, Elle and The New York Times, all recently ran articles highlighting the new wave of cannabis enthusiast, with specific emphasis on women. Last month dedicated an entire week to running articles that focused on women and marijuana, known as The Pot Issue. The introductory post promised to feature the new face of women tokers, with follow up posts... Read more

Colorado Medical Marijuana Program Gets Restricted


colorado medical marijuana program

In its next session, Colorado legislature will introduce a bill to limit the number of cannabis plants a caregiver can grow for their patients and will also require that caregivers go through a rigorous approval process. There is further belief that voters could eventually also be asked to add a special tax onto medical marijuana, while at the same time there are talks of repealing Amendment 20... Read more

Marijuana advertising laws not exactly what businesses want


marijuana advertisment

The past year has seen Washington’s weed industry start to take root. Growers started harvesting their crops, retailers opened their doors in July, and within several months there were a few more pot shops operating, forcing prices to start reducing as the market began taking effect. Some of these local retailers recently approached the The Daily News to buy advertising, and now the The... Read more

The Future of Cannabis in America


future of cannabis

We all know that cannabis has gone mainstream and the American people are wholly in favor of legality. Cannabis in all forms have so many benefits to this country that it is worth our time to look at a plausible future of cannabis in America. For Medical Cannabis The way I see it is that the medical cannabis community will not be able to compete with cannabis sales in its raw form in relation... Read more

Tobacco Use vs. Cannabis Use


cigarette vs cannabis

Many people suffer from tobacco addiction. Not only is tobacco responsible for over 400,000 deaths per year, it also has the same level of addiction as cocaine and other harder drugs. There are no health benefits from smoking tobacco and thus we have a piece on the benefits of switching from tobacco to cannabis. First Point – Tobacco is cancerous Tobacco contains radioactive substances... Read more

What are CBD rich strains good for?


CBD Strains

Cannabis provides a plethora of benefits to the body. Some compounds within the plant will not get you high but still hold great medical value to the user. In fact, some medical patients seek out CBD rich strains for their specific medical conditions. What are CBDs anyway? CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant. The difference between CBD and THC is that... Read more