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Medical Marijuana Blog - Page 13

How ineffective is Drug Prohibition really


In essence the drug war has the following objectives in mind; To eradicate illegal drug manufacturing, to reduce consumption and to have a “drug free” society. While this “sounds” to be a noble cause we have to consider the legitimacy of such a policy in terms of execution and more importantly, whether a “drug free” society is how we are supposed to... Read more

Overseas, a Greener Perspective on Cannabis


Picture a lush land where hemp culture is booming with business. A place on our planet where marijuana is not policed, and for that matter, not even viewed as a drug. Not only is cultivating and smoking marijuana an entirely legal process in this part of the world, but it is encouraged. In one of the most notoriously authoritarian regions in the world, marijuana is viewed as nothing more than a... Read more

How to Curb the Rise of Synthetic Marijuana


Make no mistake, Synthetic Marijuana is most definitely dangerous. Throughout the past few years synthetic versions of cannabis hit the market and since then plenty of people have experienced emergency room visits. I myself have only twice tried synthetic marijuana but while I experienced my “legal high” there was still something that my body didn’t like. I have also been... Read more

Dispensary District Zoning in California Severely Restricted


Picture, for a moment, your hometown and nearby cities stripped entirely of their corner stores, local pharmacies, drug stores, what have you. Now, imagine if you can, being sick and unable to provide your own transportation. If you’re lucky enough to not have to rely on these services to stay in day-to-day good health, you may never have to live with this nightmare turned reality. If you... Read more

Thank you for letting the Rapist Go Police Officer, you caught a Stoner


Last year, though slightly less marijuana arrests were made, it still counted for Half of all drug related arrests. In fact, some legal medical marijuana states felt the long cold arm of the law disrupt business as usual and even at a higher ratio. But while this is a great offense towards society there is something that is even more disturbing. People usually cite statistics relating to... Read more

Cannabis over Chemotherapy


Three year old Landon Riddle was diagnosed with T Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia back in 2012. His medical diagnosis called for simultaneous rounds of chemotherapy and steroid treatments just one month later, and the negative side effects far outweighed the benefits. Throughout the course of his treatment, Landon suffered from neuropathy, an irreversibly nerve-damaging condition, from his... Read more

Stanley Brothers Unified by Care Giving and Cultivation


A Coloradan band of brothers have made a living off of their strong belief in the healing powers and medically beneficial side effects of marijuana. Brothers – Josh, Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan and Jared have dedicated their business to carefully cultivating customized strains, remarkably low in the predominant psychoactive THC component. By growing CBD-dominant strains, the brothers have... Read more

Cannabis and Tourette´s Syndrome


Tourette´s syndrome is a neuropathy that is characterized by involuntary movements and articulations. The intensity of the syndrome depends on the individual that suffers from it and it can appear at any stage of life, though it is more likely to manifest in the initial phases of childhood and adolescence. The cause of this terrible disease is still unknown, though there are many theories... Read more

Financial Woes in Washington’s Marijuana Program Remain Unanswered


Washington State licensed marijuana businesses seeking a legitimate banking service may have been presented with one more piece of the puzzle in a recent announcement; however, the primary question at hand has yet to be answered. In a 7-year contract with the state, Bank of America has served as the primary bank to the state’s treasury. Although their contract is due to run out June 30th,... Read more

Lansing Judge Decides Epilepsy and Marijuana Have No Correlation


Lansing Judge Richard Garcia, the same judge who deemed Steve and Maria Green unfit parents to baby Bree for being licensed caregivers, has taken it upon himself to conduct his own medically based trial on the correlation between marijuana and epilepsy. If his trial can conclude that Green’s marijuana use is justified, Judge Garcia will be forced to return Bree to her loving... Read more