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Another Win for The "Medical Marijuana Doctor"


marijuana doctor lawsuit

The Appeals court has vacated one of two convictions, against a former doctor, related to the sale of medical marijuana certifications. Last Thursday, the appeals panel reversed the conviction of Lois Butler-Jackson for committing a legal act in an illegal manner, in an unprecedented 2-1 decision. The court ruled that Butler-Jackson never should have been convicted because the applicable part of... Read more

Why Recreational Cannabis will not Ruin Medical Marijuana


medical marijuana and recreational cannabis

I have heard many medical marijuana patients and dispensaries talk about their “fear of recreational marijuana’. Understandably, a medical marijuana patient who depends on cannabis in order to stay healthy should be concerned if his or her “source of medicine” is in jeopardy. I’m here to let you know, your medicine is fine, in fact, recreational cannabis will make it... Read more

How to be an exemplary Cannabis Smoker! Part 1


Professional Stoners

There is a negative stereotype when it comes to cannabis smokers. In my personal circle, I tend to stay away from “hardcore stoners” who live to get high not because they smoke marijuana, but because they are people who lack the essential skills and motivations I require in my busy life. I have been smoking cannabis for seventeen years now and while I’m not “proud”... Read more

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program Set To Expand Conditions


Connecticut Marijuana Program

The State of Connecticut is in the process of reviewing four additional disorders that could be treated with medical marijuana. A public hearing will be held at The Department of Consumer Protection - at the state Capitol, Room 126, in Hartford - before its board of physicians, on November 26th at 08h30. “The statute says that any member of the public can file a petition with the board of... Read more

Why “Home-Growing” should be allowed in all Marijuana bills!


Marijuana home growing

Out of the currently four legal marijuana states, Washington is the only state that doesn’t allow cannabis cultivation at home. The primary premise, according to the regulators, is that they want to limit the “potential for black market activities” by controlling the substance from “seed to sale”. However, under the current metrics of the law, cannabis prices is... Read more

Addressing the Issues of “Cannabis and Children”


cannabis for kids

People like Nancy Grace constantly talk about the “children” as their scapegoat for keeping cannabis illegal. They believe that by legalizing cannabis, children will be smoking doobies on every corner; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. These prohibitionists are essentially regurgitating information they “heard” but never investigated. There are in... Read more

The Will of the People have Smoken!


American Marijuana

As two more states and the District of Columbia joins the “Legal weed train” we can only assume that America wants cannabis! Even in Florida the measure for medical cannabis failed by a very small margin. So what does this mean for the War on Weed and hopefully, the war on drugs as a whole? America the land of the Green Yes, all the data support the notion that Cannabis Prohibition... Read more

Boston Medical Marijuana Dispensary Is Now Open


boston marijuana dispensary

State health officials in Massachusetts recently approved Boston’s first medical marijuana dispensary, awarding the highly coveted license to, Patriot Care Corp, which plans to operate its facility near Downtown Crossing. Patriot Care Corp, was already provisionally approved to open a dispensary in Lowell, also recently won permission for a location in Greenfield, making them the only... Read more

Bermuda Government Preps for Legalization


Bermuda and Marijuana

The Bermuda Government recently went public with its plans to legalize medical marijuana, with further intention of also giving the police more leeway in cautioning first-time possession offenders, who may otherwise have been charged. Governor George Fergusson said, "The Government has led the debate on the issues surrounding cannabis use in this community. Significant public engagement,... Read more

Canada Starts To Tax Cannabis Like Tylenol


Canada gets Cannabis Tax

In Canada the Tax Court Justice, Campbell Miller, recently ruled that marijuana will be subject to federal Goods and Services Tax (GST), just like Tylenol, flu remedies, cough syrup, and other over-the-counter medications. The ruling confirms that Canadian government’s intention to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana. Recent legislative changes have created a budding medical marijuana... Read more