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Medical Marijuana Blog - Page 10

Cannabis and Pregnancy: Review of Literature


  Note: is not advocating the use of cannabis during pregancy. Please consult with your doctor. This article is simply designed to stimulate debate. There is huge controversy about the use of cannabis during pregnancy. Most people associate it with drugs like alcohol and tobacco and their influence on pregnant women. Unfortunately research on this subject is hard to... Read more

Underway, A Greener Nation Courtesy of Election Day


Yesterday, citizens around the country voted for not only local politicians, but state proposals such as minimum wage increases, mandatory GMO labeling and school budget redistribution. Several notable states, however, are making major headlines in the cannabis community for their majority voted contributions in the right direction toward safe access to marijuana. “Question 1” was... Read more

The Hypocrisy in Legislating Morality


We’ve all heard about the alleged “moral majority” that wants to keep America “safe from drugs”. They push their morality like crack on the masses and if you don’t like it, you can go to jail. For these people there is a “moral code” that must be upheld or else! Whenever a natural disaster hits these hypocrites would blame homosexuality or the... Read more

Studies Show Marijuana Market Surpasses Global Smartphone Market


Over the past six months, researchers have conducted a survey encompassing hundreds of dispensary owners, medical cannabis retailers and industry moguls has successfully estimated that in 2013 alone, more than $1.43 billion worth of legal marijuana will be sold nationally. The report projects that marijuana sales will raise up to 64% within the next year, surpassing the global Smartphone market... Read more

Debunking the Stigma Attached to Marijuana


In ancient Greece, slaves, criminals and traitors alike were branded by scorching hot irons to create a visible scar known as a stigma. The mark served as a reminder that the very identities of these individuals were morally corrupt in nature. This stigma worked as a permanent indication to all those who publically viewed it, acknowledging that those who bore it did so with shame and disgrace.... Read more

Why ‘Borrow Money’ when we can ‘Create Jobs


With the recent ‘Partial Shutdown’ of the US government and politicians bickering over financial agreements like obese children would argue over Halloween candy; we find ourselves in a very interesting time in our historical timeline. The United States requires the “authority” to borrow more money in order to pay their highly inflated budget. Democrats and Republicans are... Read more

Minnesota Progressively Pending Legislature for Legalization


Prompted by recent Gallup polls revealing a staggering 58% of Americans stand in favor of legalization, medical marijuana advocates are pushing state lawmakers to put pending plans into action by legalizing the use of medical marijuana within the next year for people in need of alternative medicine. Director of Minnesotans for Compassionate Care, Heather Azzi, said, “We have patients who... Read more

The Basics on Curing Cancer – The Cannabis Method


Cancer is the number one killer in the world when it comes to disease. It’s also incredibly painful and the slow deterioration of a person is a depressing sight on all accounts. While the mainstream tried to convince the world that the cure for cancer was still decades away and that outdated chemo was ‘the way to go’, people like Rick Simpson and other cannabis activists have... Read more

There's No Place Like Home - Baby Bree Back in Loving Arms


It is with utmost pleasure that I am finally able to announce that this past Friday, in a truly triumphant reunion, 8-month old baby Bree Green was returned home safe and sound to her loving parents, Steve and Maria Green after a six week long battle with Michigan’s Department of Human Services. Standing just outside the courtroom surrounded by medical marijuana activists donning green... Read more

The Face of Determination - A Mother's Plea


Pennsylvanian mother of three, Dana Ulrich, published a formal plea on for legislators, activists, law enforcement and inquiring minds alike just yesterday. She began with these riveting words, “I never would have imagined this moment, but I can say with pride, with dignity, and without reservation that I am a mother fighting to get marijuana for my six-year-old daughter,... Read more