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Medical Marijuana Blog

The Science behind the Munchies


munchies and cannabis

Why do you get hungry when you smoke pot and more importantly, why does it taste so damn good? Recent research has shed some light on this issue as they observed a cluster of neurons that might be responsible for this behavior. The POMC Neurons Within the hypothalamus is a cluster of neurons known as the POMC neurons. The POMC neurons tell the brain when you are full and to stop eating. When... Read more

Not enough Research on Marijuana – Blame the Government!


Marijuana and the Lack of Research

Every now and then, we hear about prohibitionists claiming that we shouldn’t legalize cannabis because there is “too little research” on its long term effects. They say they want more research to be conducted however does not bar the Federal government from stalling cannabis research. In turn, they prolong prohibition and millions more wind up in jail over a plant. We have... Read more

National Highway Traffic Safety Admin says Cannabis doesn’t increase likeliness to crash


Cannabis doesn’t increase likeliness to crash

For most of us, we have driven stoned. While mainstream media outlets like to talk about the dangers of “drugged driving”, it seems they have completely missed the mark on cannabis. It is still not recommended to drive under the influence as you can get a DUI and in turn can taint the good name of cannabis legalization. Nonetheless, the next time someone tries to tell you that pot... Read more

Dear Prohibitionist – If you’re against marijuana, why aren't you against alcohol?


Dear Prohibitionist

How many times do you hear prohibitionists talk about the dangers of legalizing cannabis? Every week there is another media figure or political figure talking about why we shouldn’t legalize cannabis. Whether their arguments are based on ‘what about the children’ or ‘a world full of addicts’, I find it completely hypocritical that they won’t apply the same... Read more

Maybe Cops should start smoking weed


cops smoking weed

Recently the Idaho police department said that legal cannabis is hurting law enforcement recruiting efforts, as they cannot hire people who have consumed cannabis over the past three years. With Washington right around the block, many of their young people travel there to smoke some Cheeba. I would like to take their “problem” and see if I can spin it into a solution based on the... Read more

Marijuana and the Brain – New studies that debunk Cannabis brain myths


Marijuana and the Brain

How many times have you heard by the mainstream media that marijuana kills brain cells? While there are plenty of studies that suggest that cannabis has neuro protective capabilities and actually stimulates neuro genesis, whenever a ‘study’ that finds the opposite is published, you’ll see it on every major publication in the world. In 2014, a study was plastered on all media... Read more

Is it time for ‘accountability laws’ for our politicians?


politicians and marijuana

Seemingly every single day you can hear some or other lawmaker talk about the “dangers of marijuana” citing bogus studies that simply are not based in science at all. In fact, many of the studies they cite are paid for by anti-cannabis lobbies and special interest groups. Whenever these studies are reviewed and replicated, the numbers hardly ever add up. Nonetheless, a long list of... Read more

Colorado Assesses The Effects of Legal Marijuana


Colorado Assesses The Effects of Legal Marijuana

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has been conducting studies and collecting data, compiling research accounting for the states first year of legal recreational marijuana sales. After assessing all available material, the state recently released its review on the health issues linked to marijuana use, “Monitoring Health Concerns Related to Marijuana... Read more

Why can Jeb Bush smoke weed and get away with it?


Jeb Bush smokes weed

Greeting fellow Serfs of America! By now, you should have heard about Presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush’s fling with marijuana as a high school student in Andover, a private school for the elite. His brother and former president of the United States also had his run with prohibited substances such as cocaine in college, yet none of these people ever served time, had their lives ruined by the... Read more

Surgeon General Confesses, 'Marijuana Can Be Helpful!'


Marijuana Can Be Helpful

President Obama recently instructed the justice department to lay off of marijuana, albeit for medical or recreational purposes, however despite this increased breathing room around legal states, administration officials continue to publicly insist that cannabis should remain illegal and, maintain that they will not consider its rescheduling. At her confirmation hearing, Loretta Lynch, the... Read more