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Medical Marijuana Blog

Marijuana and Broken Bones


Marijuana and Broken Bones

“Sticks and Stones may break your bones” but cannabis could heal it faster. A new study from Tel-Aviv University in Israel has revealed that CBD promotes faster fractural healing in bones and in turn makes the bone stronger. The Medical Properties of Cannabis Recently there has been a surge in pro cannabis studies finding a plethora of beneficial properties concerning a wide range... Read more

It’s time to answer some serious questions about Medical Marijuana Research


Cannabis research

The Federal Government has long been researching marijuana. Almost all of the research into this subject was to find the harmful effects of marijuana on humans. While we have been fishing out the studies that show the benefits of cannabis, the Federal government ignores these findings saying that they aren’t ‘official’. The current system in regards to ‘official’... Read more

How Marijuana Dispensaries are Saving Lives


How Marijuana Dispensaries are Saving Lives

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past twenty years, the cat is out of the bag in regards to the medical validity of cannabis. It seems that every month a new study comes out in favor of marijuana and along with more information; public opinion is rapidly shifting towards a legal environment. One subject that is usually up for debate is the use of marijuana dispensaries.... Read more

Cannabis Infused Lubricants, Bath Salts and Lotions Now Available


infised cannabis products

What happens when you combine the medicinal and healing properties of Cannabis and the therapeutic aspects of bath salts and organic, botanical oils? Sacred has offered a resounding answer to that question with their line of cannabis-infused bath salts, massage oils and personal lubricants. The manufacturer of this revolutionary new line of cannabis-infused products uses a romantic approach to... Read more

Why do you like Marijuana?


Why do you like Marijuana?

Some people toke for fun, while others toke for medical reasons. Despite their motivation for consumption, the acceptance of cannabis in modern society is quickly gaining ground. We have reached a point where cannabis legality is almost a certainty; it is now only a matter of time. Over the past few months we have compiled some answer submitted by our users as to ‘why they like... Read more

Obama and the 46 Drug Offenders – A Small Step in the Right Direction


Obama's 46 on Cannabis

Recently President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 drug offenders and this made headlines all across the board. While this is a step in the right direction, there are thousands of new arrests made each year dwarfing this action by the president. While I’m sure those 46 offenders, some of who had decades to their sentences, are quite happy about the decision made by Obama, it is high... Read more

What would happen if we reported on Alcohol the way we do other drugs?


If Alcohol was Treated like other Drugs

Every now and then, you hear another story about the ‘horrors of cannabis’, yet despite this negative reporting…people are starting to see behind the veil of prohibition. Nonetheless, the influence of the media on the opinion of the general public cannot be ignored. However, alcohol consumption is deemed ‘okay’ and thus any stories relating to alcohol are often... Read more

How Prohibition Fails on Every Aspect – Florida Example


Police Corruption in Cannabis

The “Tri-County Task Force” which only has two counties involved managed to remove $30 million of Dollars off the streets with their efforts. Yet despite this seeming victory, they also laundered $70 Million for Drug Cartels. By my counts that means that out of the $100 Million dollars in question, 70% went to the cartels and 30% went to Law Enforcement. Obviously, there was more... Read more

Why Medical Marijuana should not fear recreational Marijuana


Recreational Cannabis

Many people within the medical marijuana community have fears about the recreational market. For one, Washington is trying to reign back their relaxed medical marijuana program and replace it with the recreational model. For patients, this could mean that they can’t grow at their homes anymore and would be forced to purchase from recreational shops. Change is always scary and those who... Read more

Medical Marijuana Laws no Influence on Teen Pot use


Medical Marijuana Laws no Influence on Teen Pot use

We’ve heard it shouted on the rooftops, “Legalize Marijuana and Teen use will skyrocket”. Prohibitionists have used this argument within their arsenal repeatedly. It’s their “what about the children argument” aimed at deterring voters from legalizing medical marijuana. However, a recent study debunked this myth after analyzing 24 years of data nationwide. What... Read more