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Medical Marijuana Blog

How Reefer Madness is still prevalent in today’s society


Modern Day Marijuana Reefer Madness

The dark ages of Reefer Madness leading up to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the original measure for outlawing the plant, only changed faces over the years but have remained a constant factor in the way the mainstream media presents information. The other day I was scouring my Facebook feed and saw a post by Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot, about an article written by Laura Cudworth talking about... Read more

Cannabis – The Civil Rights Movement of our Age


Marijuana Civil Rights

In a recent interview with President Obama and Shane Smith from Vice News many topics were discussed however the topic of cannabis was also talked about. In the interview Shane Smith said that ‘Cannabis is one of the most popular questions among young people’ where Obama responded that “cannabis shouldn’t be a priority to young people but rather jobs, education and so... Read more

$15 Million Dollars for Schools because of Pot Legalization


Marijuana Money for Schools

Colorado generated $15 Million dollars in tax revenue purely dedicated to schools within the state. If cannabis was still ‘illegal’ in the state…this money would not have been there. The question on everyone’s mind directed to prohibitionists who don’t want to see legal cannabis happen is, “Would you rather have that $15 Million in the hands of... Read more

Jury Let’s Florida Man Go for Growing Marijuana as a Medical Necessity


Jury Let’s Florida Man Go for Growing Marijuana as a Medical Necessity

You’ve heard of Jury Nullification before but now you have a real example of a jury, despite Florida’s laws against any form of cannabis, exercise their right. Jesse Teplicki was facing up to five years in jail for manufacturing cannabis for his medical condition. Teplicki, who has suffered from a severe case of anorexia since he was nine years old, consumed marijuana to help... Read more

How to say, “Enough is enough” with Marijuana Prohibition


Marijuana, Enough is Enough on Cannabis Prohibition

Public Support for Marijuana is soaring these days and it seems that every passing week, more people jump on the bandwagon. This is because people are becoming educated on the fact that marijuana prohibition is not founded on science and stems from political lies, racism and the systematic suppression of truth. While a handful of states have already legalized recreational cannabis and with a few... Read more

DEA’s Latest “Baked Bunny” defense is like something out of Monty Python


Marijuana | Baked Bunnies | Cannabis

Last year DEA administrator Michelle Leonhart sternly spoke about her fear of ‘pets accidentally eating cannabis infused foods’ and that we should “think about the dogs”. While this might seem comical, the fact of the matter was that she was 100% serious about her comment. According to Leonhart, the safety of our pets are more important than our civil liberties. We... Read more

Controversial Pro Pot Message in California received with mixed feelings


Controversial Marijuana Message?

California is gearing up to legalize marijuana in 2016 and with all likeliness will most probably pass the initiative. Some groups are already making PSAs to help with the movement however; the first one to catch the public eye has sparked some controversy over the presentation of the video. What does the video entail? Essentially you have a bunch of tattooed ‘stoners’ blowing smoke... Read more

Marijuana – Something that “God made good"


Marijuana – Something that “God made good"

The conservative party in the US claims they want “smaller government and more civil liberties” and while in some instances they do create legislation along those lines, when it comes to drug policies they wear a completely different hat. Some of the biggest opponents to the legalization of cannabis are conservatives who believe that the “moral fiber” of society would... Read more

Why would you want Marijuana to be sold by Criminals?


Marijuana to be sold by Criminals

There is yet another group who wants to challenge Colorado’s voter approved marijuana laws. According to the suit, the responsible party is claiming that the marijuana industry is guilty of racketeering laws. The group known as Safe Street Alliance are basically saying the Federal government should shut down the marijuana industry because they are “selling illegal... Read more

What if we put marijuana legalization to a national vote?


marijuana legalization

It is very evident that cannabis is on its way to becoming a legal commodity in the United States. While many states already have some form of legal cannabis on the books and more on the rise, there are some states that still haven’t jumped on board. However, there is a majority of the United States that is on board with legalizing cannabis. The last national poled showed that 52% of... Read more