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Medical Marijuana Blog

Drug Testing and Synthetic Marijuana – What’s the Relation?


Drug Testing and Spice

We’re hearing more and more about emergency room visits due to synthetic marijuana (k2/Spice/Scooby Snacks). While the substance have absolutely nothing in common with marijuana, the purpose of its creation was to mimic the effects of cannabis. Yet unlike cannabis, you could die from it and it suffer horrible side effects like kidney failure and more. While I have previously spoken about... Read more

What happens when you eat too much pot?


Eating too much pot

We’ve heard the story of the kid who ate too much pot and jumped out of a window. It’s the same story they told us about LSD back in the day. Yet as Bill Hicks points out, “if they thought they could fly, why didn’t they take off from the ground?” For most people however, eating a marijuana-laced brownie is a pleasant experience, which induces a deep heavy body... Read more

Spice/K2 – The Result of Marijuana Prohibition


The Result of Marijuana Prohibition

There is a rise of emergency room visits due to imitation pot commonly known as Spice or K2. While some people refer to this drug as “Synthetic Marijuana”, there is really no marijuana in this at all. In reality, it’s a concoction of chemicals that are designed to mimic the ‘high’ of weed however there is no chemical resemblance to cannabis as a whole. These... Read more

Should Kids be allowed to take Medical Marijuana to School?


Medical Marijuana for Kids

Many students have the right to take their ADHD medication or Asthma medication at school, yet due to Federal Law, more specifically the Drug Free School Act, Cannabis isn’t allowed on school campuses. Although there are kids who need to use cannabis to control their seizures, such as the case of Genny Barbour who suffers from epilepsy and autism. The school where she is going to is... Read more

How Federal Taxes fund the black market


Federal Marijuana Taxes

There is no doubt that the current system of drug prohibition has been an utter failure. The massive amount of income derived from the illicit sales of drugs have funded criminal organization for decades and with it increased the overall insecurity over the world. We must ask ourselves the following question; how much are we giving up in maintaining this outdated and corrupt policy? What could... Read more

Bob Marley Questions the Motivations of Prohibition


Bob Marley Interview

 "Herb, herb is a plant. I mean herbs are good for everything. Why, why these people who want to do so much good for everyone, who call themselves governments and this and that. Why them say you must not use the herb?" "Them just say, 'no, you mustn't use it, you mustn't use it because it will make you rebel.' Against what?" – Bob Marley The legend that is Bob Marley will forever... Read more

What’s the Problem with being high?


Marijuana Getting High

After a long day at the office, Jim kicked off his shoes and poured a stiff drink to dilute the stress of the day. Once he finished the first one, he went on to another and could feel the numb touch of inebriation. Tired, he walked over to bed and fell asleep. Society did not crumble. On the other side of town, Bob was also finishing a long day of work and once he arrived at the warm embrace of... Read more

The War of the Flea and Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana War of the Flea

In recent statements Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful for 2016, weighed in on her views on cannabis in the US. When she was asked about Medical Marijuana in the United States, she had this to say; "I don't think we've done enough research yet. Although I think for people who are in extreme medical conditions and have anecdotal evidence that it works, there should be availability under... Read more

Should Marijuana Reform be a topic for Presidential candidates?


Marijuana Presidential Candidates

Next year you’ll get flooded with campaign promises on a range of social issues. One of the more pressing issues, at least for the youth is marijuana reform. While most presidential candidates would like to skip this issue, the fact of the matter is that it will only become more prevalent over time. Not to mention there are likely eight more states that will try to legalize recreational... Read more

How the Government should take better care of Veterans


Marijuana and Veterans Care

Earlier this week the House rejected a medical marijuana amendment for Veterans where veterans would have been able to obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana from Veterans Affairs. It is important to note that the amendment failed by a small margin, 210-213. This was the second time a similar amendment was rejected by the House. Veterans often times come back from service with severe PTSD... Read more