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The Hypocrisy in Legislating Morality

The Hypocrisy in Legislating Morality

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/05/2013 in Medical Marijuana

We’ve all heard about the alleged “moral majority” that wants to keep America “safe from drugs”. They push their morality like crack on the masses and if you don’t like it, you can go to jail.

For these people there is a “moral code” that must be upheld or else! Whenever a natural disaster hits these hypocrites would blame homosexuality or the “immorality of America”. These are people who go to the streets for a good ol’ fashion Quran burning session or protest outside of Abortion clinics.

For these people if you do not follow ‘Their way’ of doing things you are an ungrateful heathen with an eternal destiny in the fiery pits of hell where demons will feast on your entrails forever.

These people believe that if you have sex the wrong way or drink too much or smoke something you’re not supposed to then you are a sinner. They have infiltrated schools and the media, they have representatives sitting in Congress and the Senate.

These people have real power and have been riding the “moral high horse” for the past decade. Everyone that has stepped outside their version of “morality” were demonized and ostracized, if possible imprison and in some cases shot and murdered.

This ‘Moral Majority’ over the past few decades slowly started losing influence and more people began to question thus said “code of ethics backed by the sword”.  People began questioning whether law and morality should actually go hand in hand. If the law was blind then she would not mind if a man and man got married or a person decided to sell their body for sex. Justice would ignore the smoke of tobacco as well as the smoke of cannabis.

But there is a “moral compass” whispering into the ear of justice and this compass belongs to this so called “moral majority”.

In what moment in time did their morality become law? How was it possible that humanity, in all its naivity would fall victim to the moral code of a specific demographic of people. The same demographic that loved owning slaves and massacred 95% of the Native American population; these purists, these puritans that claims to be doing the work of ‘God’.

To these people who believe that their ideology and religion trumps all other religions and ideologies…to these people I say Screw You and your Morals!

Morality is as subjective as is art and what might be morally wrong for you might be morally okay for someone else. Instead of living life in such a trivial and subjective way, we should rather approach a science based reasonable set of guidelines. We can all agree that certain things are universally unaccepted; murder, rape, theft, extortion and so on. These are true ‘Crimes’ and not just moral superstition.

It’s time to remove morality from law, to let justice be as blind as a bat as she was supposed to be. No color, no preference…only justice and reason.

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