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How to cure Cancer with Cannabis

How to cure Cancer with Cannabis

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/21/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Okay, now you all may have heard that cannabis does cure cancer, or at least certain types of cancers. There is now no doubt in anyone who has done at least a little research that cannabis DOES have medicinal value, contrary to what our federal govenment says.

The biggest issue currently however is that most people are ignorant on “how” to use cannabis to cure cancer. The following article will take you through the steps on how to effectively use cannabis.

Oils cures Cancer

Many people think that “smoking marijuana cures cancer” but this isn’t true. While smoking/vaporizing has different effect on the human body it is not the tried and tested method to kill cancer cells.

The only way you’d be able to cure cancer is by creating Cannabis oils. Rick Simpson has a recipe for anyone interested in making their very own cannabis oils. Certain cancers however respond to different marijuana compounds and thus you’d first have to identify the “type of cancer” in order to know what strain of marijuana to use.

For aggressive tumors usually respond to high THC doses whereas Leukemia would use a more balanced approach between THC and CBD. With further investigation and research science will eventually be able to create specific doses to treat specific cancers but in the meanwhile we’ll have to rely on this method.

Smoking Cures side Effects

If you’re so unlucky to have to go through chemo this is where smoking/vaporizing becomes effective. Cannabis helps a lot for nausea and appetite stimulation and will help you through the pain as well. The Oils never get you high but smoking or vaporizing will most definitely do that.

This is a definite good way to control pain, nausea and maintain a general state of happiness throughout the chemo process. Obviously you should still be using oils throughout this time but smoking provides peace and serenity which oils don’t really achieve.

Eating it for Pain

In some cases pain will become unbearable and for this you will resort to eating. Make some cannabis butter with a thick Indica dominance and every time your pain becomes so unbearable then simply eat a cookie or a premade brownie. The effects will take about 30 minutes to activate and by the hour your pain should be completely tolerable or non-existent

Eating Raw Leafs

Finally to truly harness the full potential of cannabis you’ll also want to eat raw leafs. Not only will this provide you with a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids and so forth but it will also dose you with CBD as well.


When implementing all of these methods in unison you’ll be on your way to curing almost every cancer known to man. As time and research advances the techniques will become more refined and medicine will become more specialized.

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