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Why Home-Growing Should be Allowed in Marijuana Bills

Why Home-Growing Should be Allowed in Marijuana Bills

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/12/2014 in Growing Medical Marijuana

Out of the currently four legal marijuana states, Washington is the only state that doesn’t allow cannabis cultivation at home. The primary premise, according to the regulators, is that they want to limit the “potential for black market activities” by controlling the substance from “seed to sale”.

However, under the current metrics of the law, cannabis prices is elevated to the point that the average cannabis smoker will still rather want to go to the black market to pick up their weed.

Why Home Growing is Beneficial

To reason that by allowing people to grow at their homes will create greater access to the youth is ridiculous. Firstly, people who make these kinds of statements have never smoked marijuana and most definitely have never grown their own cannabis.

I know several home growers who grow for personal consumption. They have anywhere between four to six plants going at a time. To these growers, cannabis is an art! It’s a way of cultivating the best crop you can, and they take great pride in their plants.

Home growers, who grow for personal consumption, take a lot of time in prepping, harvesting and curing their plants. To turn around then, after all this work, and just sell it all, especially if they were growing it for themselves, is not a viable scenario.

Thus, the chances of people selling the weed they grow for personal consumption is not big. They might “trade weed” with other growers or sell it to a friend here or there, but to open themselves up to be persecuted by the police because they are “selling weed illegally” is too much of a risk for the home-based cannabis grower.

If you can grow and smoke legally, why would you throw it away by selling it illegally?

The Effect on the Black Market

As in the case of Washington, cannabis prices are elevated. Due to the high tax rates applied to the cultivation and sale of cannabis, people try to save a few bucks by buying it from illegal sources. However, by giving people the right to grow their own cannabis will allow these consumers to take a stab at growing their own.

Why buy it illegally when I can grow it for free?

What this means is that the Black Market’s profit margins drop immensely. It means that we are putting the “average joe” in direct competition with black market pushers. It means that you’ll be suffocating the black market over time.

Of course, the price of cannabis should drop to a reasonable price when home growing is allowed in order to motivate the “lazy consumers” to continue to purchase in store and not on the black market.

Bottom Line

Home growing will make the illegal sales of cannabis unnecessary and unviable over time. Similar to people being able to brew their own beer at home, some cannabis enthusiasts will want to grow their own as well…and this should be included in every bill that is proposed. Some people simply can’t afford high dispensary prices and if we don’t cater to their needs, we won’t be getting rid of the black market as soon as we’d like.

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