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Head of DEA born a few decades too late in regards to Marijuana

Head of DEA born a few decades too late in regards to Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/30/2015 in Marijuana Politics

Chuck Rosenberg, the Head of the DEA in a recent interview stated, “I’m not willing to say that it’s good for you, or that it ought to be legalized. I think it’s bad for you and that it ought to remain illegal” when referencing cannabis.

Only a month prior he made headlines by saying that “marijuana is not as dangerous as other Schedule I substances” yet he still doesn’t believe that marijuana holds a medical value or should be legalized any time soon.

Mountains of Evidence

It always shocks me to hear when people talk about the “lack of medical evidence” in relation to marijuana when products like Marinol exist on the market. If cannabis didn’t hold any medical value, then the mere existence of Marinol would be rendered a fallacy. However, it is prescribed by thousands of doctors to thousands of patients each year.

Yet despite the existence of a pharmaceutical version of THC, cannabis has also shown great medical benefit for patients suffering from seizure disorders, cancer sufferers and people conflicted with chronic pain to mention only a few of the conditions treatable with cannabis.

To come out and say that “cannabis holds no medical value” these days is like clinging to the erroneous fact that the earth is flat.

Perhaps back in the day…but not today!

This hogwash spewed from the corrupted lips of Rosenberg would have fooled the American people a few decades ago, however cannabis has gone mainstream. People have access to marijuana related information by the click of a button, and to deny the validity of cannabis as a medicine in today’s world is an exercise of willful ignorance.

In fact, cannabis enthusiasts should merely point out the US held patent on cannabinoids which states the “medical potential” of marijuana for a wide range of conditions.

The question that we’re left with is, “how can we as a people accept the outright lies of the DEA any longer?” It is clear that prohibition is seeing its last days and with any feral creature forced into a corner, it lashes out with everything it has.

It’s time to put this beast down.

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