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Have You Heard About Charlotte’s Web?

Have You Heard About Charlotte’s Web?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/12/2013 in Medical Marijuana Strains

Charlotte Figi is one of the youngest medical marijuana patients in the world and her story is one of legends. She was born into a family that was avidly against marijuana legalization and voted against each initiative; that was until Dravet Syndrome entered their lives.

CNN did a major piece on Charlotte Figi entitled; Marijuana Stops Child’s Severe Seizures where they outlined what occurred in the life of Charlotte.

In summary, the child started having seizures at 3 months of age and essentially changed the family dynamics forever. While certain doctors claimed that she’d “grow out of it” others pumped her full of medicine. Some of these meds were highly addictive and incredibly strong namely barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

This medicine had severe effects on the little girl’s system and she rapidly started to decline in health and mind.

They got her on an experimental diet that also started taking a harder toll on her body such as bone deficiency. Everything they tried only seemed to worsen her condition and only control the seizures for a short period of time.

The family didn’t think there was more left to do mainly because their doctors and the hospital told them so. It was then when Matt Figi, Charlotte’s Father, discovered that a boy in California with Dravet Syndrome was obtaining amazing results by using cannabis to treat the seizures.

After a long battle, Charlotte’s mother Paige, managed to obtain the signatures required to get her daughter enrolled in Colorado’s Medical Marijuana program. They obtained a strain with high CBD count but low percentage of THC. A friend made oil from the two ounces and they administered it to the kid.

Paige started to notice immediate results and when she hadn’t had a seizure in a week they knew that they had discovered an effective method of treating their daughter’s syndrome.

Her mother eventually met up with the Stanley Brothers, one of the state’s largest cannabis cultivators, who helps people like Figis with a supply of marijuana based on donations. With the help of the Stanley Brothers 41 other children are also now using a special marijuana strain named after a little girl who was left for dead by modern medicine only to be saved by the wonderful healing nature of cannabis.

And what’s the name of the Strain?

It’s called Charlotte’s Web.

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