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What would happen if we reported on Alcohol the way we do other drugs?

What would happen if we reported on Alcohol the way we do other drugs?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/22/2015 in Medical Marijuana

Every now and then, you hear another story about the ‘horrors of cannabis’, yet despite this negative reporting…people are starting to see behind the veil of prohibition. Nonetheless, the influence of the media on the opinion of the general public cannot be ignored.

However, alcohol consumption is deemed ‘okay’ and thus any stories relating to alcohol are often times ignored. Even more disturbing are those talking heads on major news networks sipping their alcohol in the early mornings, displaying a message that ‘it’s okay to drink!’ to all the kiddies watching.

I recently read an article where the author German Lopez flipped the script on alcohol and reported it like any other street drug. The results were quite amazing.

The Horrors of Alcohol

“The widespread use of a substance called “alcohol” — also known as “booze” — has been linked to erratic and even dangerous behavior, ranging from college students running naked down public streets to brutal attacks and robberies.”

You can find this kind of language when reading about cannabis and other drugs; however, when you begin to apply the same lingo to alcohol, your perception of use drastically changes. In fact, it should change seeing that alcohol is at least 124 times more lethal than cannabis.

Language and context is very important in society. After all, we communicate verbally and communication has a direct impact on perception. If all alcohol related content in the future were to follow a similar format as ‘other drugs’, public perception of the substance would drastically change and you could even expect an outcry to ‘make the substance illegal – again’. Of course, this hypothetical situation would never happen and it very well shouldn’t.

Why you shouldn’t advocate prohibition

Prohibition does not work! It is a fallacy to believe that you can eradicate all the drugs in the world, sway all drug users to abstinence and get rid of all drug producers and suppliers.

While scientifically alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana, prohibition is never the solution. Tobacco consumption claims the lives of nearly a half a million people each year, yet making it against the law would not deter people from smoking.

The only way to truly approach drug use in the world is through education and not fear mongering. As we saw, the way we report on these substances has a direct impact on the perception of the substances.

Read the full article on ‘the negative spin on alcohol’ by German Lopez here.

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