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What would happen if we didnt try to legislate morality

What would happen if we didnt try to legislate morality

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/21/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Our current model of “Moral Legislation” has sent our modern society into a rut of criminal activity, official bribery and of course the unjust incarceration of the masses. Defendants of prohibition argue it’s for the “safety” of society however there is nothing safe about prohibition at all.

Yet with 76 years of prohibition I am stuck with a hypothetical situation that makes me wonder. What would have happened if we never tried to legislate morality?

A World Void of Prohibition

Prohibition believes that by “prohibiting” a certain substance, action or idea you are able to secure the “safety” of society. The premise of this argument only raises more questions such as; “what is safe” and “whose safety are we insuring?”

In a world where we never tried to stop people’s curiosity to try psychedelics and other mind altering substances we would see a very different picture as we do now.

In terms of cannabis alone we would have most probably seen an incredibly low rate of diabetes, cancer and other serious diseases. Alcohol prohibition taught us that use decreases under a legal system which means that the odds are that while more Americans would try cannabis, many would not become regular users. The odds are that the “regular users” of today would be the same regular users in this ideal world.

The medical uses of cannabis would be so defined that we would be able to obtain specific strains, extracts and so forth to deal with specific illnesses. We would know how much of CBD, THC and other compounds to use to target specific receptors of mutated cells and so forth. The fight against cancer could be a winning one under this model.


Currently we have a massive population of drug offenders. Imagine if law enforcement focused on real crimes such as rape, murder, robberies and so forth. Your tax dollar would be dedicated to fighting crime and not legislating morality. Without the black market and with educated drug policies and addiction control you would see a drastic decline in petty crime. If addicts can get their fix for free there would be no need to break into a house to pay for your fix. Methadone clinics have shown to help reduce substance abuse fatalities and helps decline crime in the areas where it’s located.


Tolerance is the basis of a mature society. If people can simply accept that other people’s lives are their own business and that it isn’t your mission to “let people do what you do” society will become much more passive. People will not become so passionate about trying to convince everyone of their “sins” and can just accept them for who they are.

As long as your liberty doesn’t infringe on the liberty of others…you should be allowed to do it to yourself. It’s a simple paradigm shift that is required for society to function better, and luckily…this paradigm shift is coming sooner than later.

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