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Gupta Kush – A New Marijuana Strain Dedicated to the Honest Doctor

Gupta Kush – A New Marijuana Strain Dedicated to the Honest Doctor

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/29/2013 in Medical Marijuana Strains

A new Marijuana Strain is on the loose and it is called Dr. Sanjay Gupta Kush but the name might have to be changed to Gupta Kush because of CNN’s bickering to stop the dispensary that developed the strain to stop calling it that.

What is Gupta Kush?

This Hybrid Sativa-Indica cross breed caters to a variety of diseases. If one should take only a few hits from the strain one would experience the Sativa effects without invoking the indica qualities of the strain. However add a few more hits to the mix and you’ll quickly start feeling the almost narcotic effects of the indica resonate deep within you.

Due to its hybrid nature this strain is good for both mental relief in terms of stress and anxiety while still catering to the physical needs of pain management and spastic issues. The developers call it almost an “opiate like state” when consuming in heavy doses.

What’s does CNN have up its keister?

Officially, CNN just wants the dispensary to not sell Gupta Kush mainly due to association. We must remember that although Dr. Gupta did “come out of the closet” in terms of cannabis and its medical application, the news network that he works for are still riddled with Reefer Madness.

Within the Cannabis community getting a strain named after you is almost like winning a Nobel Prize and even the current, not so sciency President Barak Obama, has a strain named after him. This is just the culture of the cannabis community and regardless whether CNN agrees or not they don’t really have a case to revoke the dispensary to name the strain what they names it. After all, it’s out on the Internet so really the genie is out of the proverbial bottle. Gupta will be Gupta even if you call it Steve!

What’s going to happen now?

The growers of this strain will wait and see. Their motives for naming the strain after him was in a sense of honor for showing enough courage to apologize about his previous stance against the drug. I doubt CNN owns the Gupta name and thus I believe that the strain should remain the same. So a warm welcome to a new Strain on the block; Dr. Gupta Kush.

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