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Guest Post: VT Patient Persecuted for Pot

Guest Post: VT Patient Persecuted for Pot

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/06/2011 in Medical Marijuana

This piece was sent in by a Vermont medical marijuana patient, who illustrates how medical marijuana patients are treated unfairly — even though they are legal — because of the stigma surrounding pot. Want to contribute your own post? Send your blog to 


I’m shocked on how hard it is to find a doctor which is open to the idea that Medical marijuana is great for treating people with a disease, medical condition, or its treatment that is chronic, debilitating and produces severe, persistent, and one or more of the following intractable symptoms: cachexia or wasting syndrome, severe pain or nausea or seizures..

What really shocks me is how the doctors refuse to fill out the state form in fear that the state will come down on their practice.. Great example, I have MS and it took me almost a year to find a doctor which would fill out the form. But there is the kicker, I know a lady with HIV which I give my overages to when I crop over my allowable limit.

She fully qualifies for the MMJ card, but her doctor at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) refuses to fill out the form. So I referred her to the doctor which signed my form for the MMJ card. She said he that he will not fill out the MMJ form because the government crawled up his ass and harassed his practice claiming that he was issuing the MMJ card to anyone which walked in the door.. No charges were filled because he was within the law on every patient, but the fact is they scarred him so bad he no longer wishes to fill out the MMJ form for the patients which are truly in need..

Who the f**k are the police when they no longer “protect and serve” the public??
Another great example, I was pulled over one day (for speeding), when the cop was talking to me, he said he smelled marijuana, so I told him I have a MMJ card and showed it to him. Well he pulled me out of the car, gave me a sobriety which I passed with flying colors despite my MS. Then [he] said he wanted to search my car.. WTF??

Knowing I was legal and only had an ounce on me in my lock-box which is bolted down in the center console, I said sure, go ahead.. This fucking PIG asks what is in the locked box, (like duh, if you knew the law), so I told him, he asked me to open it, so I did and showed him… He then confiscated my medicine!!! Really, WTF?? When I got home (with a speeding ticket) I was COMPLETELY PISSED OFF, so I was going to file a complaint, after researching the (amended) law, he had every right to confiscate my medicine, even though I followed the law and he could not arrest me!!



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