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Guest Post: Vermont Needs Marijuana Doctors

Guest Post: Vermont Needs Marijuana Doctors

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/07/2011 in Medical Marijuana

Recently a member of the Vermont Patient Network reaches out to us about the need for Marijuana Doctors in Vermont. We just had to share it with you. If you know of any pot friendly docs in VT, share this with them, too!


The need for a comprehensive database of physicians that are willing to sign the registry paper work.

I am a patient on Vermont’s registry and a disabled veteran and this issue among other issues was cause for my own advocacy. I visit patients, caregivers and those qualifying and wanting to be patients/caregivers free of charge to answer questions, help facilitate the paperwork, photo’s, transportation to notary republics (for those unable to travel), creation of needed id CD, and more. We as you know have no “grand list” of physicians in Vermont due to Md. concerns that this would negatively effect their reputation primarily though the registry is a state run program, regardless of the law that does not hold the signing physician responsible if the patient break the law.

This leaves the prospective patient in a bind that can last a minimum of 6 months before they realize their physician does not support the registry and the process starts all over again.  Through outreach I have been able to help two people in the last year to obtain their MD signatures but am also working on a caregiver to patient match up so that patients unable to grow their medication have someone who knows how and willing.

I do know of three physicians that have signed registry paperwork within the last 6 months, the problem is that I have already discussed this with these physicians and none have given me permission to use their names publicly as physicians “willing” to sign.

In closing it kills me to see folks that do not have or may not have 6 mo. to have to go through this…What we need is capital to place into advertising that encourages physicians to sign the paperwork for those that do meet the states guidelines. We need desperately to educate Vermont physicians that it is “ok” to sign for those that need to apart of the registry. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I’m glad you emailed me and hope that we all can help others in need, so that the quality of life for those living with illness and pain can live a better life…a better quality of life.

Best regards,

Ian Rhein

Vermont Patient Network

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