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Why Growing Marijuana is Your Fundamental Human Right

Why Growing Marijuana is Your Fundamental Human Right

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/16/2013 in Growing Medical Marijuana

It is an outrage that cannabis is still illegal. Each day new evidence comes to light supporting the legalization of cannabis and every day the Federal government continues to stonewall progress. Throughout the following segment we’ll cover the basics on how growing marijuana is actually a fundamental human right and should be legalized straight away.

Marijuana is a Medicine

Cannabis is medicine. Eating raw cannabis leafs is one of the healthiest things you can do. It doesn’t get you high and simply regulates your entire body. Marijuana in its raw form should be considered an essential vegetable we should be consuming on a daily basis. Whether smoking it makes you high is not reason enough to deprive humanity from probably the most beneficial plant known to man.

It’s nature…

Government should not have the power to make nature illegal. If it is a seed, unhampered by man, then man should have access to it. Currently there are plenty of plants that are incredibly beneficial to mankind completely illegal and with governments around the world trying to eradicate its existence. Both Marijuana and the Coca plant contain amazing medicinal properties when ingested in its raw form. Man does not have to add any chemicals to extract these medical properties, it comes naturally like that.

By allowing man to make nature illegal we give them the permission to create companies like Monsanto that wants to control all food supply. Nature, no matter what it does to man should never be made illegal. If it grows, you should be able to grow it.

In a dying world

We have sickness, famine, ecological crises and we are trying to eradicate the only plant that can deal directly with all of these issues. It is your duty as a human being to do what is best for your planet and not so much your “country”. If people are suffering in the world and we can provide them with the crop that can turn their lives around yet do not do so…we should be guilty of crimes against humanity.

This is the reason why growing marijuana is a fundamental human right. If you can create a better life for you by simply growing your own cannabis, selling it, making edibles, making houses, etc. then by no means should any government stand in your way.

You aren’t hurting anyone else; you aren’t creating a more dangerous planet. Instead you are taking your own life in your hands and exercising your fundamental human right to grow your way out of misery.

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