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The Greatest Act of Defiance

The Greatest Act of Defiance

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/19/2013 in Medical Marijuana

In a world where your consumption is regulated by politicians who are in turn controlled by private corporations and powerful lobbies we need to realize that our so called “democratic” society has come to an end.

Currently we cannot claim to be living in a Free society since none of us are free to choose a simple act such as smoking a joint. Even more shockingly nowadays it seems that even growing your own food could become an illegal endeavor and in Spain they already started busting down people and fining them for using Solar Panels.

It’s only a matter of time until the long reach of autocracy is breathing down our necks and its only a matter of time until we will be forced to make a decision.

Before we get to that stage of affairs we can already begin to work on creating an alternative to the suggested future; we have a duty as free thinkers to act. But what would be considered the greatest act of defiance against the political machine?

Your Body Your Choice

You need to understand that every time you stand up and fight for your right to consume cannabis you are telling the political machine that you have a choice and that you do not accept their alternative. Make networks of patients and stand unified. If the government takes one of you, then all of you should protest outside the jail house and you should not move until something has occurred.

You need to start getting together with groups in your city and state that are working on marijuana reform. Every signature, every name counts in this ongoing battle to freedom.

Educated Free Thinkers Unite!

Educating the masses is a definite for any cannabis activist. You must take it upon yourself to make people know that cannabis does cure many diseases, that hemp can save the economy and that if cannabis was made legal most major corporations would wither due to its inferior product.

Make screenings of movies such as The Union and other Cannabis documentaries, make pamphlets and videos and start spreading the news. Share the content on your favorite marijuana social media portals and bring the debate to those who deny the truth.

The Greatest Acts of Defiance

There are two acts in fact that I would consider the greatest acts of defiance. The first is on how you spend your money. Stop supporting brands that are against marijuana legalization, start only purchasing Cannabis friendly products.

Your money is the only real power you have within the machine and it’s where you send that money that counts. The other more powerful act of defiance is passive in nature but if implemented correctly can undo the entire system at its core.

Become Self-Sufficient! Start growing food, medicine and harness your own energy. Yes it costs money to buy out of the system but trust me when I say that eating food you grew, using energy freely given by your environment and growing your own medicine is one of the greatest acts of defiance to a system that depends on consumers to sustain it.

Un plug yourself…and the system will shut down!

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