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Governor Cuomo Has the Power to Expedite Access of Medical Marijuana to Patients but Will He

Governor Cuomo Has the Power to Expedite Access of Medical Marijuana to Patients but Will He

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/17/2014 in Medical Marijuana Laws

July 7, was the ceremonial bill signing of New York’s Compassion Care Act. As Governor Cuomo signed the bill, he shared the stage with a young girl from Suffren, who has had a rare form of epilepsy, called Dravet Syndrome, since she was only 5½ months old.
Amanda, has already tried up to 8 different seizure medications, some more than once, while also following a highly restrictive ketogenic diet for almost 8 years now. However despite these efforts, Amanda still suffers from a range of varying seizure types, every single day. While she mostly has absences and myoclonic seizures, she suffers from tonic/clonic and complex partial seizures, as well. And although most of them tend to be short in length, there are those that last much longer. And despite the length of the seizure, they all result in some form of brain damage…
At the signing, Amanda’s mother gave a short speech in which she shared Amanda’s story, so that people could truly understand just how imperatively important the signing of this bill was to their daughter, and family. Amanda was delighted to meet Governor Cuomo and Dr. Howard Zucker, the acting health commissioner, understanding how instrumental they would both be in getting her access to medical marijuana as treatment for her Dravet Syndrome. Amanda’s family have been fighting for access to medical marijuana since they heard about other children with Dravet Syndrome experiencing remarkable results after using cannabis oil, high in CBD and very low in THC. For Amanda and her family, the day of the bill signing left them feeling as though they were finally in reach of this much needed medicine. But it has now been over 3 months since that elated day and reality is, that Amanda has still not received her CBD oil. And she is not expected to receive any until sometime in 2016!
Her mother says that in previous years, Amanda’s seizures were far more controllable, however as she is getting older the seizures are taking more effect. And she finds it not only heartbreaking to watch her daughter seize every day since the bill signing, but it also leaves her feeling infuriated! Especially when there is medicine that could potentially be helping Amanda, and that medicine is now, technically, legal in this State. It doesnt make any sense as to why this suffering child would be forced to further endure this kind of suffering for yet another year and a half. Amanda’s mother says that both, Gov. Cuomo and Dr. Zucker, specifically asked her and Amanda to speak at the bill signing, and not only took the time to speak to her and Amanda at the signing, but also allowed Amanda to stand next to Gov. Cuomo, and assist him signing the ceremonial bill. Gov. Cuomo even went so far as to gift one of the pens used in the signing to Amanda as a keepsake of this momentous day.
Both Gov. Cuomo and Dr Zucker have the power to expedite access to this medicine, for Amanda and hundreds of other New York children. Yet for all the PR around Amanda, and her now historical presence at the signing, her mother is left wondering if the governor really cares about helping the patients in desperate need of this medicine, or if it was all just a political show to make the governor look good… Before the bill signing, Amanda’s mother taped her asking the governor a question, “Governor Cuomo, if I was your daughter and I had seizures, what would you do to help me?” Subsequently as she finished taping, Amanda had a grand mal seizure.
Not one to sit around and wait for another year and a half, Amanda’s mother is reaching out to anyone and everyone who comes across Amanda’s story, to please call Gov. Cuomo at 516.474.8390, and demand expedited access.
Every day wasted on waiting for this medicine, is another day that Amanda and other children are not only losing ground, but in some cases, also risking death.
CEO of MarijuanaDoctors.Com, Jason Draizin made a statement to the governor in show of support for Amanda, and similarly suffering NY patients, “Governor Cuomo, MarijuanaDoctors.Com implores you to please expedite access for Amanda, and children like her! As a compassionate and caring community, lets please give these children access to a potentially better quality of life. These kids are our future, and they dont deserve to suffer, especially when the power to end their suffering, is sitting in your hands. To assist in the expedition from our end, MarijuanaDoctors.Com has created 4 hours worth of educational data and information, in order to help New York physicians obtain the 2-4 CME credits they require to comply with the New York Compassion Act.”

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