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Florida, One Step Closer To Medical Marijuana

Florida, One Step Closer To Medical Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/23/2016 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Florida has taken another step closer to legalizing medical marijuana for patients in need — the Florida medical marijuana bill has successfully passed the house.

Representative Matt Gaetz’s House Bill 307, passed by 99-16, managing to make progress where previous initiatives and other medical marijuana bills have fallen short, reports NBC Miami.

“I wish we could go and pick a regulatory model and say that is the yellow brick road, that’s what works, and copy it. There are stumbles and challenges, but you have to have brains, courage and heart to get things done,” Representative Gaetz’s told NBC Miami.

The number one complaint against the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, that was passed last year, is that it is simply too restrictive with too much red tape, to actually be of help to patients —despite that this law is already in effect, cannabis and CBD oil are still not available or accessible for the majority of patients in Florida. Gaetz’s bill, however, includes provisions that will grant near-death patients access to stronger cannabis, as well as changes to the regulations for not only for patients, but dispensaries too.

“The focus in our debates (this year) have been largely on who gets to grow and lobby. The focus, though, has to be on the patients and expanding it,” said Representative Katie Edwards, a  sponsor of the bill.

In addition, Gaetz’s bill will also permit a greater number of medical marijuana dispensaries to be licensed once the number of patients exceeds 250,000.

“We have to green-light the path of the existing license holders to patients,” said Gaetz, in his interview with NBC Miami. “This bill addresses that and removes a barrier that exists between dying people and the choices they make with medical cannabis.”

While nothing in life is guaranteed, Florida patients are hopeful that medical marijuana will be legalized this time round — given what a close call it was last year.

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