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Florida Launches First Major Medical Marijuana Business Seminar

Florida Launches First Major Medical Marijuana Business Seminar

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/04/2014 in Medical Marijuana News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – This coming weekend hundred of excited and hopeful entrepreneurs from across the world will be attending the state of Florida’s first medical marijuana business seminar. With Florida poised to be the next state to legalize a 1 billion dollar per year medical marijuana industry interested parties from growers, physicians, and hopeful distributors are clamoring for more information on how to succeed in the newly created market. The event’s organizers, originally Florida natives, have experience and success running other ventures in states where medical marijuana is currently experiences flourishing markets. Chief Operating Officer John Nicolazzo is one of the featured panel speakers for the event. “I believe that this will be a great event for interested parties in Florida to attend. The amount of expertise and knowledge we have on this event’s panel is extensive; we aim to be able to answer any and all questions.” Nicolazzo said. In addition to the IT COO the panel will include lawmakers, doctors, dispensary owners, growers, advocates, and other representatives of successful medical marijuana companies.

This new industry in Florida will allow individuals the opportunity to make money while simultaneously helping patients who have qualified for the state’s program. With Florida lawmakers currently drafting the regulatory rules in advance of November’s Amendment 2 possible passing, the state has said that 1,789 medical marijuana dispensaries and 250,351 caregivers will be needed to assist the states projected 417,252 medical marijuana patients.

Many attending this weekend’s event are of the mindset where you cannot afford to just sit back and see how things go; early action will lead to long term success. The hope is that those that are able to get in on the ground floor by working and preparing now will be the persons who make the most money in the long term.

Being hosted at Fort Lauderdale’s well known and prestigious Signature Grand, the event will be unlike any the industry has yet seen. With of 170 business professionals scheduled to attend the event it promises to be a unique and excellent opportunity for all to learn, network, and build a knowledge base moving forward in Florida’s medical marijuana space.

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