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The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet

The Flawed Logic of Kevin Sabet

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/31/2015 in Marijuana Politics

One of the most outspoken people alive today against the legalization of cannabis has to be Kevin Sabet. His organization “Smart Approach to Marijuana” or SAM has been appearing on major news outlets, public forums and more.

In a recent interview with German Lopez from outlined his specific views on cannabis legalization and why he thinks it’s a bad idea. While I won’t be able to go into all the details surrounding the interview, I have extracted some main arguments for his position on marijuana prohibition. It is important to note that he is in favor of removing any criminal penalties associated with cannabis however he does not want it to be legal at all.

His Big Marijuana Argument

My biggest concern is creating Big Marijuana — sort of like Big Tobacco, which we’re still dealing with the consequences of.”

There is a definite flaw in logic when comparing marijuana to tobacco. Firstly, Tobacco holds absolutely no medical value at all. The amount of radioactive pesticides these crops are doused with does not occur with marijuana. In fact, cannabis enthusiasts love “organic” weed, anything else simply wouldn’t do.

Sure, some companies will be better at selling weed than others however to make something illegal because a corporation can make a profit for selling a product that is in high demand is not a bad thing. Tobacco technically should be a “schedule I drug” since it has a high potential for abuse and no medical value.

Cannabis is said to have an “addictive rate” of roughly 9%, similar to coffee. In fact, coffee kills more people per year than marijuana. The Big Marijuana argument is an argument that some companies will dominate the market and that’s why it’s a bad idea.

Besides…”Big Marijuana” already exists…they are called Drug Cartels and they won’t advertise their product, they’ll sneak into schools and sell it to your kids directly.

Perma-Stoned Argument

“I just don’t know how society benefits from more people who are stoned. We use fancy terminology and all sorts of statistics, but at the end of the day people should look at it simply. Do people really think their relationships are enhanced when they have friends who are stoned all the time? Do they think their neighborhoods are enhanced by having marijuana stores near schools? Do they think their kids’ lives are enhanced when they’re exposed to the advertisements of marijuana candies and lollipops?”

Some people smoke weed all the time, MOST don’t. For most recreational users, being stoned isn’t a constant state of being. People use it to relax at the end of the day. Most productive people don’t wake up in the mornings; take a bong rip and heads off to work.

What do relationships have to do with being stoned anyway? When people get together to share a bowl, they speak, they laugh and they have fellowship. In my personal case, my brother and I forged a strong relationship through marijuana because it allowed us to put our differences aside and see each other for ‘who we are’ and not the BS we think we are.

There are NO MARIJUANA STORES near schools. In almost every conceivable marijuana legalization bill a 1000 foot in all direction restriction is placed near schools. The same can’t be said for alcohol.

Marijuana Advertisement can be regulated, products can be labeled and NONE of these issues justify maintaining a system of prohibition.

Don’t need to smoke Marijuana for medical benefit argument

“Like I’ve always said, we don’t need to smoke opium to get the effects of morphine. Similarly, we shouldn’t have to smoke marijuana to get its potential medical effects.

There are clearly some medical benefits for some people from the components in marijuana — in isolation or sometimes when taken together. The question is how we deliver that in the safest way, where there’s a lower potential for abuse.”

The final point I’d like to make is that there is something called the “Cannabis Net Effect”. While THC alone can help you with nausea and CBD by itself can help you with seizures…scientists are only now discovering how it all works together.

Extracting a single compound within marijuana might have some medical benefits to certain diseases however the combination of it all, has a stellar effect on your endocannabinoid system, which helps, regulate the immune system. Smoking marijuana or should we rather say ‘Vaping’ marijuana holds medical benefit. Just because we have been barred from studying it in detail doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The final point is Freedom. Civil Liberties associated with cannabis consumption. Does society benefit should not be the question at hand. Rather we should be asking ourselves whether an invasive policy that robs you of civil liberties are in line with the ‘ideals of Freedom’ on which this county was founded on.

Why should we have government involved in the consumption of substances within the life of the individual? If thus said individual breaks the law under any influence whether cannabis or alcohol…charge them for the crime…not the action of consuming a substance.

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