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Five Reasons Why Every Doctor Should Recommend Medical Marijuana

Five Reasons Why Every Doctor Should Recommend Medical Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/12/2010 in Medical Marijuana

1. It’s an effective medicine for countless ailments

Medical marijuana is a versatile medicine that can help with the side effects of countless medical conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDs, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and more. Marijuana side effects are much milder and more manageable than those that come with traditional medicines. And unlike thousands of other medicines, there has never been a death attributed to marijuana overdose.

2. It’s legal in many states and counting

Many states currently allow qualified patients to use medical cannabis, oftentimes after receiving a marijuana card. But this number continues to grow.

3. It’ll increase your patient base

Hundreds of thousands of patients across the country use medical marijuana. And with more states poised to pass marijuana legislation, the demand will grow exponentially. Medical marijuana is increasingly becoming a widely accepted medicine. According to a recent national poll conducted by ABC News and Washington Post, 8 in 10 Americans support legalizing marijuana for medical use. Increase your patient base by providing care for patients in need of medical marijuana.

4. There’s no need to deal with insurance companies

Marijuana doctors no longer have to wait weeks or months to be reimbursed from insurance companies. Since marijuana recommendations are not covered by insurance, you are paid upfront by your patients—which creates more cash flow for your practice to continue healing your entire patient base.

5. will handle all your booking needs provides everything you need to expand your practice and start recommending medical marijuana. We connect you with patients in need of medical cannabis in your area, handle all of the booking and validation, and keep you and your patients up-to-date with latest information and research on medical marijuana—all at an affordable price.

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