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Fact or Fiction, Smoking Marijuana Makes You Stupid

Fact or Fiction, Smoking Marijuana Makes You Stupid

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/02/2016 in Medical Marijuana

Since the beginning of prohibition people have been led to believe that cannabis use in adolescents, causes a stunt in brain development, resulting in a drop in IQ. But it turns out that, that was just another lie created to control the mass hysteria of reefer madness.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, recently released the findings of a marijuana study aimed at verifying the claims, that smoking marijuana as an adolescent results in a lower IQ. The study included 3066 participants, between the ages of 9 and 12, who were then tested again at ages 17 to 20, once they had started smoking marijuana. Researchers tracked the test-scores of both the active marijuana users, and the non marijuana users, throughout the duration of the test. And in a shocking turn of events, the study revealed the controversial truth, that the adolescent-use of marijuana, has no significant implications on an individual’s IQ.

The study also tracked 789 pairs of adolescent twins, in Minnesota and Los Angeles, for the duration of 10 years, during which time researchers conducted intelligence tests, and confidential surveys investigating not only marijuana, but also binge drinking, cocaine, and pharmaceutical painkillers.

Results from the study, showed that marijuana users scored only 4 points less, over the decade long study. The twins who abstained from the use of pot, surprisingly revealed a decline in IQ. The study concluded that a patter of decline is considerable in today’s youth, however marijuana usage is not the reason for this.

“Our findings lead us to believe that this ‘something else’ is related to something about the shared environment of the twins, which would include home, school, and peers” explained Nicholas Jackson, a member of the scientific team conducting the study.


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