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How to be an exemplary cannabis smoker – Part 2

How to be an exemplary cannabis smoker – Part 2

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/14/2014 in Medical Marijuana

n the first part of this two part series, I spoke about how to use “good stress” to your advantage on completing your projects. As a recreational smoker, I found that by “not waking and baking” I increased my personal productivity by a bit.

While that position is very subjective, I think many people will find that it is also true for them. I also mentioned that people with debilitating conditions “need the wake and bake” to be functional and thus actually vaping in the mornings will be beneficial to their productivity.

Now let’s look at the outside

The second part of this series talks about the external perception of the cannabis smoker and how you can change the negative image associate with the action.

The American public is largely in favor of legalizing cannabis; however, they aren’t that keen on “Pot heads”. Luckily, a vast majority of cannabis smokers is doing their best to shed this negative stereotype and here’s a few things you can do to help the image of the cannabis smoker.

Be Verbal but not hostile – Some people will speak negatively about cannabis. That’s okay because it’s their right to be ignorant. But this doesn’t mean you have to be quiet. Speak up with facts, figures and real solid answers. Don’t give over to a heated debate, merely defend your position, make your points and carry on.

Go easy on the 420 Swagger – It’s okay to have the weed leaf on a shirt or any other piece of clothing. It’s okay to wear the leaf as jewelry. If you want to express your love for cannabis, I applaud it. Yet know that every time you wear this kind of apparel you are also subconsciously “acting on behalf of the rest of the cannabis smokers”. Your actions will form a perception of “That’s a pot head” if you conduct negative behavior in public. When you express your love for the plant, remember others are looking. Some of which are looking for an excuse to justify prohibition. If you wear weed clothing, take that into consideration.

Go beyond the call of duty – If you’re working or doing a project, show the rest of the world you can do it better than non-smokers or at least “as good as they can”. Be efficient, proactive and get involved in your community. Let people see that cannabis smokers are people like everyone else. Your actions speak louder than your words. By merely making your surroundings a better place, people will begin to relax on the concept of the “Lazy stoner”.

Bottom line

Some might think that “going the extra mile” might be excessive. After all, people should be able to smoke regardless of who they are and this is true. However, we’re coming out of a 40 year long war, there are plenty of people who still hold onto the negative stigmatization of cannabis smokers. By not giving a crap about how you act in public or how others perceive you, will not help in swaying the negative stereotypes associated with cannabis smoking.

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