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How to be an exemplary Cannabis Smoker! Part 1

How to be an exemplary Cannabis Smoker! Part 1

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/13/2014 in Medical Marijuana

There is a negative stereotype when it comes to cannabis smokers. In my personal circle, I tend to stay away from “hardcore stoners” who live to get high not because they smoke marijuana, but because they are people who lack the essential skills and motivations I require in my busy life.

I have been smoking cannabis for seventeen years now and while I’m not “proud” to admit it, I started when I was thirteen. We can thank prohibition for that one!

During my teen years, I was that stoner who just wanted to get high. I didn’t have much going for me at that point in time and since cannabis was so available, my day job was getting high.

Years added wisdom

Over the years, I understood how I reacted to cannabis and knew “when to smoke and when not to smoke”. I actually stopped consuming all “mind altering substances” including alcohol for roughly four years and though I was a “professional stoner”, I didn’t have much problem letting go of it.

After I did some self-discovery I was ready to smoke again, but this time I could do it the right way.

The productive Cannabis Smoker

Some people need cannabis to be productive due to their debilitating conditions. I don’t have a debilitating condition except every now and then suffering from insomnia. Yet overall, I am in tiptop shape! For those who need to consume cannabis for their debilitating conditions, the following does not really apply.

Waking and baking, while a very amazing experience also has some consequences in my opinion. For me personally, it reduces the amount of “anxiety” I feel towards my daily tasks. While many would assume that reducing ones anxiety is a good thing, there is a difference between “good anxiety and bad anxiety”.

The difference between Good Stress and Bad Stress

By anxiety I mean, Stress! The bad kind of stress or anxiety will inhibit you from doing things. Anxiety can choke your mind, creativity and will to do things because the “task at hand is impossible” and your mind locks up. If I were suffering from this kind of anxiety a morning toke would do me justice and would most definitely help me be more productive.

However, seeing that I am naturally a “low stress” kind of guy, smoking cannabis reduces my “good stress” too. This doesn’t mean I don’t work, it just means I do it slower.

Good stress will motivate you to work harder, to achieve more, to get things done. Good stress is something that we all should use to our benefit to completing our projects and daily to dos.

I have found that when I stopped smoking my wake and bake during weekdays, my productivity increased significantly. I had fewer distractions and focused on finishing that I have to do.

By forfeiting my morning toke, I actually got more things done. And when all is said and done in the day, I light up my evening toke and release all the bad anxiety that was building up throughout the day.



Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone because there are some people, like my wife, who smokes to control her anxiety that needs it in the mornings to be functional.

However for me, to become productive I had to limit “when I smoke” in order to not get sidetracked on some interesting bit of info I discovered in the day.

For those, who like me, smoke recreationally, try smoking after you have done all your chores of the day. You’ll find that a bit of controlled anxiety actually makes you more productive in the long run and your “night time tokes” will only be so much sweeter.

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