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Why everybody should Grow their Own Marijuana

Why everybody should Grow their Own Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/14/2013 in Growing Medical Marijuana

Growing medical marijuana is therapy in its own way and also provides a lot of benefits as well. While we are currently shifting towards a new marijuana model in the world we should explore the benefits of allowing adults with a medical marijuana card to grow their own cannabis.

In the following text we’ll cover some of the fundamental issues in relation to home grown cannabis.

Quality Control

When you grow your own cannabis you are in charge of all things related to the quality of the bud. Inexperienced growers might make mistakes here and there but eventually everyone gets the basics of growing great cannabis.

You would be able to make sure that there are no bugs, infestations, added chemicals and so forth. In addition you’ll be doing the cropping and curing yourself as well.


Yep, the trimmings of your plant can be turned into hash balls since a lot of crystals are on the leaves. In a later article I’ll cover the basics of making hash from trimmings. For now you simply need to know that growing produces more than one product.


The leaf of the cannabis plant is amazing! You can make shakes, salads and so forth when you top your plants. These leafs have plenty of great compounds including CBD and so forth. Regulate your weight and maintain your glucose levels with this little trick.


If you need medicine you and cannot pay for it, why can’t you make it? IT should be a fundamental human right to pursuit your own medicine and in the case of cannabis it is probably one of the superior medicines out there.

Every person should be able to grow their own cannabis for various reasons but I think that the most important one is that you should never be denied medicine. Just because corporations make money from prohibition doesn’t make it right. The individual should have the right to grow as many cannabis plants as they choose.

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