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Why everybody should be allowed to Grow Marijuana at Home

Why everybody should be allowed to Grow Marijuana at Home

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/31/2015 in Growing Medical Marijuana

With more states opting in for a legal cannabis framework, I find it important to encourage lawmakers to include ‘home growing’ bills. Marijuana is a plant and should be allowed to be grown by any adult either for recreational or medical relief.


Some medical patients require a staggering amount of cannabis to treat their conditions and illnesses. To make marijuana oil, you need to take a lot of bud, which if purchased in a dispensary could be very expensive. Imagine having to do this over time, the expenses add up.

To allow patients to grow their own, or to designate a caregiver will allow them to save money while treating their conditions. It would be to enable the patient to take their health in their own hands while allowing them to save money in the process.

In addition, patients would know exactly what was used to grow their own medicine. They would have control over the entire process and also would have access to raw cannabis leaf, which could be used to make Cannabis Juice which contains major health benefits without euphoria.

Recreational Users

When it comes to recreational users, it is also important to permit home growing. For low-income users, home growing would allow them to cultivate their own strains and would not drain their economy. Similar to home brewing, not all users would opt in to grow their own. Yet it should be permitted for those who show an interest in home cultivation.

The effect on the black market

The black market is still a factor even under a legal framework. By allowing people to grow their own, you virtually remove economic incentives for most street dealers since those who can’t afford to purchase in a dispensary would be able to grow their own.

The reason why illegal sales are still apparent under a legal framework is due to high taxation, which increases the price of cannabis. Street prices are still cheaper.

The experience of growing

Some people say, smoking marijuana isn’t addictive but growing it is. The experience of growing your own cannabis is also very therapeutic and also gives you the creative freedom to create your own personalized strains. By making growing an “open source” activity could greatly advance the discovery of new strains with designer effects.


Finally, it comes down to freedom. Home cultivation allows the individual the freedom to take their own recreation and medication into their own hands. It removes the ‘middleman’ and establishes a principle of freedom.

As mentioned, not everybody will grow their own. In fact, the vast majority will not grow their own which would allow the recreational market to grow unhindered and still instigate a paradigm of freedom for those who wish to cultivate their own cannabis.

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