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Eric Holder Confesses Support For Cannabis Rescheduling

Eric Holder Confesses Support For Cannabis Rescheduling

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/03/2016 in Medical Marijuana

In a surprising turn of events, former Attorney General, Eric Holder, has come out of the cannabis closet with his confession, that he was in favor of reclassifying marijuana, all along.

The unexpected revalation came in a newly released interview, that was conducted after Holder left office, admitting that he supported the rescheduling of cannabis as something less than a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. “I certainly think it ought to be rescheduled. You know, we treat marijuana in the same way that we treat heroin now, and that clearly is not appropriate. So at a minimum, I think Congress needs to do that.”

Leaving marijuana activists and enthusiasts alike, to question why, if Eric Holder supported the reclassification of pot, didn’t he push for the change when he was Attorney General of the Justice Department?

“It’s nice to have Holder’s support for this sensible policy change,” says Ton Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority. But says, “It would have been a lot better if he’d exercised the power to get marijuana rescheduling done while he was still in office.”

Mr. Angell also pointed out that is “absurd to keep passing the buck to Congress” because federal law already empowers the Obama administration the right to act, should they so choose.

“I think rescheduling the drug is something we need to ask ourselves, and use science as the basis for making that determination,” said the former Attorney General, in the interview, stressing that it is time to change the nation’s law regarding marijuana. But the truth is, It is most likely that while still in office, Eric Holder already knew that science had determined that marijuana was not dangerous, and in fact displayed many scientifically-documented medically beneficial uses.

“I think that certainly that (decriminalization) ought to be a part of the conversation. You know, where do we want to be as a nation? Now, there’s certain drugs I just can’t see. It’s hard for me to imagine ever decriminalizing crack cocaine, drugs like that. But the whole question of should marijuana be decriminalized, I mean, that’s a conversation I think that we should engage in,” said Holder.

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